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Paul Klee: Making Visible @ Tate Modern

テートモダンで開催中のPaul Klee: Making Visible展(10月16日〜2014年3月9日)は、スイス生まれの20世紀ヨーロッパ・モダニズムの巨匠・パウル・クレーの回顧展で、ロンドンの今年秋・冬の目玉展の一つ。世界中のコレクションから、絵画、ドローイング、水彩画が集められ、クレー自身が決めた過去の展覧会での作品の展示の順序を、この展覧会で再現している。



→Art Fundによる解説ビデオ

Paul Klee: Making Visible (Oct 16 – Mar 9, 2014) at Tate Modern is a major retrospective of the early 20-centry master of European modernism, Paul Klee, and one of the London’s must-see exhibitions this fall&winter. Paintings, drawings and watercolours from collections around the world are displayed alongside each other as Klee originally intended, often for the first time since Klee exhibited them himself.

This 17-room exhibition traces Klee’s career chronologically, beginning in Munich during the World War I, when he joined Der Blaue Reiter founded by Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky and established of his unique style of abstract patchworks of colour. It follows the decade of teaching and working at the Bauhaus, and his prolific final years in the 1930s in Bern, after he was dismissed from his teaching position by the Nazis and took refuge in Switzerland, as his works were labelled ‘degenerate art’ in Germany.

Most of his works are small in size, but on the opposite to its size, those are filled with rich colors and lots of imagination. Intriguing.

The Art Fund’s introduction video to the exhibition