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England’s Nightmare of Penalty Shootout Again…

昨日行われたEURO 2012準々決勝で、イングランドは延長の末0−0で迎えたPK戦で、イタリアに惜しくも敗れた(詳細)。Three Lions(イングランド王室紋章に描かれた3匹のライオンからきた、イングランド代表チームのニックネーム)は、2007年から監督を務めたファビオ・カペッロが今年2月に突如辞任、5月に任命された新監督ロイ・ホジソンの準備不足は否めず、下馬評は低かったのだが、予想以上の活躍でグループリーグを1位突破。急に盛り上がりを見せ、昨夜の試合の最高瞬間視聴率は2320万人、実にテレビ視聴者の77%が見ていた計算で、昨年4月のRoyal Wedding(ウィリアム王子の結婚式)の最高瞬間視聴率1990万を超え、EURO 2004のポルトガルとの準決勝以来過去8年最大の視聴率を記録した(BBCニュース)。残念ながら8年前もPKで敗れたのだが。。。



A nightmare of PK happened again to Three Lions – England lost to Italy at yesterday’s EURO 2012 quarter final, after frustrating 120 minutes of 0-0 score and heartbreaking several minutes of penalty shootout. England fans’ expectation to their team was rather low before EURO 2012 started, as former manager Fabio Capello left the team this February and new manager Roy Hodgson who appointed just in May didn’t have enough time to build up the team. On contrary to the pessimistic prediction, England managed to finish top of Group D, and a fan’s hope came back. The game with Italy was the most watched event on TV in 8 years since when England lost to Portugal in EURO 2004 (…again with PK), with the 23.2 million peak audience. This number beat the 19.9 million peak achieved by last year’s Royal Wedding (BBC news).

Funny episode during (I can’t write it in my blog!)

Since England’s first penalty shoot-out in 1990, England have played eight big international matches which have gone to a penalty kick shootout, but the team won only once (englandfootballonline.com). In compare, Argentina (73%) and Germany (71%) are the top two countries with highest penalty shootout win/loss record. Italy has only 33%, but double of England’s 17% (penaltyshootouts.co.uk). The team seems to be traumatised by the past results, but unless the players mentally train themselves and overcome their fear of PK, the glory of 1966 may never happen again…

試合後、ソーホーのBar Italia近くで盛り上がるイタリア人たち。ちなみにこの後方には警察官たちが控えている。住民の5人に1人がイタリア人というBedfordでは、イングランドファンによるイタリア人への襲撃があったそう(BBC

Azzurri fans celebrating after the game near Bar Italia in SOHO. There were police officers behind us in case of disorder. In Bedford, where 1 out of 5 residents are Italians, there was an incident that England fans attacked Italians (BBC)