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Curious Yellow Kafé re-located to Pitfield Street

以前書いた、Holloway Road(ホロウェイ・ロード)にあるスウェーデン風カフェ・Curious Yellow Kaféが、最近ホクストンのPitfield Street(ピットフィールド・ストリート)に引っ越してきた(Pitfieldカフェよりさらに北)。カウンター席が数席あるだけの小さな店からスペースは倍(以上)増。オーナーの趣味?の凧があちこちに飾られた店内には、4人がけテーブルが5つあるけれど、暖かい日は外の席が人気。交通量の多いホロウェイ・ロードとは違い、静かなピットフィールド・ストリートに面しているので、車の排気ガスを気にする必要もない。ホロウェイ・ロードの時と同じく、メニューにはオーナー手作りのスウェーデン料理が並ぶ。ラム肉のムサカは残念ながらハズレだったけれど、スウェーデン風ミートボールのスパゲティはなかなか美味(写真下)。

Cute Swedish café Curious Yellow Kafé on Holloway Road recently moved to Pitfield Street in Hoxton (further up north from the Pitfield café). The space became more than double from just several counter seatings and now there are five 4-seat tables inside, decorated with funky kites (owner’s hobby?)> But alfresco tables outside are more popular on a warm day – the new location faces to the quieter Pitfield street and you don’t have to worry about car emissions like busy Holloway Road. As before, you can enjoy owner’s homemade Swedish cooking at the new ‘Kafé’ as well. We were not impressed by their lamb moussaka but Swedish meatball spaghetti was yummy :-)

スウェーデン風ミートボールのスパゲティ(左)とラム肉のムサカ(右)/ Spaghetti with Swedish meatballs (left) and Lamb Moussaka (right)

Pitfield Lifestyle Shop & Café @ Pitfield Street

Time Out誌をパラパラとめくっていたら、Old StreetとHoxton Squareの間にある通り、Pitfield Streetが今Hipに変わりつつあるという(→Time Out記事)。私たちがこの近辺をうろつくようになった頃は、うらぶれたパブやケバブショップ、エスニック系食品&雑貨店などが数軒あるだけの何の変哲もない通りだったが、オールドストリート駅&ホクストンから至近というその好立地のおかげか、近年、洒落たヘアサロンや自転車ショップ&ジュースバー(私たちもここで自転車のメンテをお願いしている)が次々とオープン。和風カフェのようなたたずまいの日本人経営?のタトゥーショップまでできた。

その中で見覚えのない店が1軒、知らない間にオープンしていたのがこのPitfield。上階にオフィスを構えるインテリア・デザイナー経営の、無国籍&時代を超えた、スタイリッシュでカラフルな生活用品・ヴィンテージ雑貨などを扱うお店だ(→Time Outの店紹介)。


When I was checking the Time Out magazine, I saw an article talking about Pitfield Street, located in between Old Street and Hoxton Square. When we moved in the neighbourhood and started to walk around the area, the Pitfield was nothing more than shabby street with few gloomy pubs, kebab shops, and ethnic grocery shops. However, with this excellent location just next to Hoxton, recently this “stubbornly grotty” (Time Out says. Not me!) street has started to change, and some hip hair salons, bike shop & juice bar (where we brought our bikes for maintenance), and even Japanese tatoo parlor which looks more like modern café than scary tatoo salon (→Time Out article).

Among the places, there was one place we didn’t know, which opened quite recently, I believe. That is “Pitfield“, a stylish lifestyle shop & café, owned by an interior designer who has his office upstairs and his business partner, filled with colourful vintage & modern homewares from UK and abroad (→Time Out article).

We tried out the café on our visit to the shop. Surprisingly there was a queue after lunch time. Flatbread sandwiches occupy top half of the showcases and a variety of good-looking cakes and tarts sit on the bottom . When moving closer to the cashier, voilà, big dishes of deli food such as quiches, salads, and lasagne appeared. Staffs were talking in French and this heightened my expectation for the food. M ordered vegetable lasagne and I got ham and cheese quiche. The dishes were warmed up, which is a plus, but I was a bit disappointed – the shell of my quiche was too hard and couldn’t easily cut with fork (there was no knife in their cutlery box), and the side salad didn’t have any taste without dressing. We were like, “ok, let’s move on and try world-renown ‘French’ cake”. After the meal, we had an almond bar, espresso and tea. Hot drinks are served with vintage? (or looking?) iittala cup & saucer. A little bit of good touch. Almond cake was not bad but not jaw-dropping. I guess my expectation was too high… However, there is no other nice café around, so the café is still useful and won’t fail, I believe.

イッタラのカップに入った紅茶、エスプレッソ、アーモンドケーキ / Tea and espresso, served with iittala cup & saucer, and almond bar

入って右側がカフェ、左側がショップ。ショップは意外に奥行きがあって広い / Café is on the right, and the shop space is on the left half. The shop has a depth, and bigger than I expected

窓から山積みのメレンゲが見える / Mountain of meringues seen through the windows