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Timberyard Cafe @ Old Street

人気カフェ・Look Mum No Hands!のすぐそば、オールドストリート沿いに数ヶ月前にできたTimberyard。広々としていて明るく、今風のインテリアでリラックスした雰囲気。地上・地下2フロアを有するこの大きなスペースで、人々は読書をしたり、コンピューターに向かったり、ミーティングをしたり、友人とお喋りしたりと、思い思いに時を過ごしている。Timberyardでは、特別にセレクトした生産者から食材やクオリティの高い紅茶、コーヒーを仕入れている。ラ・マルゾッコJabberwockyブレンドのエスプレッソを入れ、そして紅茶を頼むと最も美味しく飲めるよう、最適時間をセットしたタイマーが一緒に出てくる。まさに優等生的なカフェだ。


Another picture-perfect cafe on Old Street, few steps away from popular cafe Look Mum No Hands!. Hip, spacious, bright, and laid-back. In this large two-storey space, people enjoy reading, working, chatting, relaxing, meditating or whatever they want to do. Timberyard is a model cafe, offering speciality tea, coffee and artisan food sourced from carefully chosen producers. They brew their Jabberwocky blend espresso with La Marzocco with love, and serve teas with timer to ensure the perfect infusion.

Nothing to complain during my first trip to Timberyard. However, M who went there alone before (without telling me!), told me that their sandwich was OK, not great. I can’t judge myself, as I’ve never had food there. I like the place. Their tea & coffee are decent. But I am not sure about the food, judging by just looking at it. I don’t eat granolas, porridges, quiches and salads. I prefer toasties instead of just ham & cheese in between ‘artisan’ bread. And I am not a big brownie or cookie eater, unless I am starving. It is just my personal preference, and I rather enjoy just a cup of tea and ambience there.

地下エリア / Downstairs seating area