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Public Sector on Strike 6/30




Large scale public sector strike hits UK today for protesting government’s state pension reforms (BBC news/photos/the Independent/Daily Mail). 20,000 took part in the main demonstration in central London and protests were held in around 80 towns and cities across the country. Public services, such as schools, passport controls, courts, prisons, driving test centres, and job centers, has been disrupted. Unions said about 750,000 workers joined the strike, though the government said about 100,000 or one in five civil servants walked out. 11,000 out of 21,000 (or at least 40%) schools across England and Wales, were closed or partially closed. Even over 90% police staff who handle emergency 999 calls walked out!

The government insists everyone must share the pain as it cuts £80 billion from public spending to reduce Britain’s huge deficit. The government plan is cutting civil service jobs and benefits, raising the state pension age from 65 to 66, increasing the public sector workers’ contribution to pensions and reducing their retirement payouts. The official figures showed that every working family in Britain is currently liable for £13,500 to cover teachers’ pensions – massive 90% increase over the past decade. Private sector workers have to bear with much higher burden than civil workers and must pay a third of their salary to match civil worker benefits (Daily Mail article). It sounds a bit unfair to me.

Of course everyone hates to loose benefit you are expecting to receive. But I just can’t agree with such a large scale disruption, causing public a huge inconvenience even they have a right to, because they are paid by tax payers’ money! I understand these actions if they are unreasonably taken away their rights to have basic quality of life, but it seems to me that they are quite privileged, in compare to private sector which have been going through the tough time without the government’s backup.