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Workshop Coffee Co @ Clerkenwell Road

以前オーストラリアンカフェ・St. Aliがあった場所が「Workshop Coffee Co」という名前に変わっていたので、てっきりSt. Aliがつぶれて、新しいカフェになったと思って行ってみた。St. Aliの時と同じ内装。料理名こそ、へんてこりんな名前から普通になっていたけれど、メニューもあまり変わっていない(→去年のブログ)。?!と思って聞いてみたら、今年4月に名前が変わっただけで同じ店なんだそうだ。なんて紛らわしい。

前回同様、店内はランチタイムも終わった時間帯と言うのに、かなり混んでいる。注文したのは、pulled pork ‘TACOS’(アジア風味のタコス £10.5)とlamb meatballs(ラム肉のミートボール £6.5)。スパイシーなミートボールがトマトソースの甘さと上手くマッチしていて、美味しい。パンがついていないので、bread and oil(£2.5)を追加注文するか聞かれたのだが、注文するほどたくさん食べられないし、中ぐらいの大きさのミートボール3個で£6.5もするんだから、パン一切れぐらいつけてくれてもいいのに、と思う。タコスは味はいいけれど、水分が多く噛むとソースがジョボジョボたれて食べにくく、量も多くない。それ以上に腹立たしかったのは、料理が出て来るまでに30分以上待たされ、食後のコーヒーなどは何と、目でスタッフに催促するまで忘れられていた。味はいいけど、サービス悪すぎ。それにあそこの椅子は、それだけ待たされるには座り心地悪すぎ。

The name of the place where used to be the Australian café St. Ali is changed to “Workshop Coffee Co“. We thought St. Ali failed and new café replaced, so we tried it out. However. when we entered inside, it was the same interior, and the menu was almost the same as before, though strange names of the dishes were altered to normal (→see last year’s blog). We were perplexed so asked the staff, and found out that it is the same café with the same management but just the name has changed this April. How confusing…

As the last time we went, the café was quite busy even at 3pm. My spicy lamb meatballs (£6.5) was delicious as well as fresh tomato sauce, but it came without bread. I was asked if I would want extra bread and oil (£2.5), but I didn’t need it much – they could give one slice of bread, since they charge £6.5 for three medium size meatballs. M’s Asian-inspired pulled pork ‘TACOS’ (£10.5) was decent, but with too much sauce, so every time M bit, the sauce was falling like a waterfall. And the plate was too small for M. More than that, what made us upset was their service – we had to wait over half an hour to get our dishes, and our coffees after meal were forgotten until we finally got an eye contact with the staff in charge. The food may be good, but their service was too slow. Oh, and their chairs were too uncomfortable to wait so long.

pulled pork ‘TACOS’ (£10.5) and lamb meatballs (£6.5)