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The Independent launches ‘mini Indy’ on October 26



Independent Print社が発行元となるiは、インデペンデント紙の簡潔版で、情報過多と時間に追われる現代人が、上質なニュースを安価かつ短時間で読めるというのが売り。月〜金曜日発行予定で、お値段はタブロイド紙・サン並みの20ペンス。ロンドンの夕刊紙「イブニング・スタンダード」を1ポンドで買収・無料化して発行部数を3倍にし、今年3月には赤字に悩むインデペンデント紙を同じく1ポンド買収した(過去エントリー参照)、元KGBでロシア人富豪のオーナー、アレクサンドル・レベジェフ(Alexander Lebedev)氏のこと、何か新しい事をやらかすであろうと噂されていた。インデペンデント紙のニュースを使えるので、コストも抑えられるし、発行元もリスクが少ない。この「mini Indy」(インディはインデペンデント紙の愛称)、高級紙の中でいちばん発行部数の少ないインデペンデント紙の起死回生となるか?

I found this newspaper ad today, of “i, which will go on sale on October 26. Created by the Independent, i will be the first quality daily paper to have launched in UK in almost 25 years, since the Independent itself in 1986.

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i, published by Independent Print Limited, is a concise version of the Independent, and is designed for busy readers who are suffering from information overload and want a comprehensive digest of the news. This “mini Indy” is available on Mondays to Fridays, for just 20p, which is the same as The tabloid paper, The Sun. The owner Alexander Lebedev, a the Russian Billionare and former KGB agent, purchased the Independent this March for £1 (see past entry), after acquired the London Evening Standard for also £1 and made its distribution tripled by making the paper free of charge. He was expected to do something for the Independent as well, and now came up with this brilliant idea. It is also relatively risk-free for the publisher, making it with low additional cost by using news from the Independent. Let’s see if this “mini Indy” can help revive the underdog Independent, which has currently the lowest daily circulation among the UK quality national newspapers.

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