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Got a Spare Room in London? Cash in on the Royal Wedding!

Daily Candy今日のニュースレターで、Airbnb.comの記事を読んだ。「air bed-and-breakfast」を称するAirbnb.comは、部屋を貸したい人と借りたい人を結ぶウェブサービスで、2008年に設立、サンフランシスコに本部を置く。居間のソファから別荘、お城、運河に浮かぶナロウボートまで、167カ国8000都市のさまざまな物件が5万件近く登録され、オンラインやiPhoneから無料で登録、予約できる。貸し手は空いているスペースを使って収入を得ることができるし、借り手はホテル代わりのみならず、イベントや臨時保管場所など、いろんな用途に安く場所を借りられ、期間も1晩から長期間まで、空いている限り必要なだけ利用できる、便利なシステムだ。Airbnbは24時間顧客サービスで予約や取引を手助けし、借り手・貸し手双方からのレビューなどで不審な取引をチェック、問題のないように監視している。


オイシい話だけれど、残念ながら私たちは人様に貸す余分なスペースはない。でも、借り手としても悪い話じゃない。もしいい物件があれば、将来の旅行に利用するのもいいかも。Daily Candyによると、「LONDONCANDY」のコードを入力すると7月3日までの利用で、£25割引の特典あり。

I read about Airbnb.com on Daily Candy‘s newsletter today. Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, so called “air bed-and-breakfast” Airbnb is a community marketplace to connect people to list their space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay, with currently 50,000 listings available in more than 8,000 cities and 167 countries. You can list for free for any spaces, a sofa in your flat, a holiday home, a castle, or even a narrow boat on a canal, at any price. You can list or book online or from an iPhone. Hosts can get extra money for your spare space and guests can have a place for any purpose, a travel accommodation, extra storage, or a party, for any period from just a night to months, as long as the place is available – a system which makes everyone happy except hotels. Airbnb.com facilitates bookings and financial transactions, providing 24-hour customer support, and looks carefully for suspicious behavior with reviews from both guests and hosts, to make the community free of trouble.

Why Airbnb is good for Londoners now? It’s expected that over 1.1 million people will come to London to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29. The city’s 120,000 hotel rooms is hard to reserve and even availabe, the price could be expensive or location may be inconvenient. So there is a chance for Londoners to “earn £200 or more per night renting out anything from a spare room to an entire flat on Airbnb during the Royal Wedding”, according to Airbnb. If the date is not suitable, Olympic 2012 will come next year.

Sounds great, but only if you have an extra space and we don’t, unfortunately. But you don’t have to be a host to take advantage from Airbnb. You can find a unique and possibly cheaper accommodation for your next trip. According to Daily Candy, you can take £25 off your next Airbnb stay with code LONDONCANDY, if you have a travel plan before July 3rd.

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↓ 東日本巨大地震チャリティ情報 / Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Charity Information