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Clockjack Oven Rotisserie Restaurant @ Denman Street, Soho

ロンドンに住む人に、お気に入りのチキン料理レストランを聞いたら、恐らく多くの人が、ケンタッキー・フライド・チキンではなく、ポルトガル/モザンビーク風ピリピリ・チキンで有名な南アフリカのチェーン・Nando’sと答えるだろう。でもチェーンではなく、もう少し気の利いた場所でチキンを味わいたいなら、ピカデリー・サーカス近くにあるClockjack Ovenへ。

Clock jackと呼ばれる肉焼き串まわし器(2枚目の写真のカウンターの後ろにちらっと見える)が由来のClockjack Ovenは、ほぼ鶏づくし(メニュー)。フランス・ブルターニュ地方の小規模養鶏組合から仕入れた放し飼いの鶏を、自家製レシピのマリネで味付け。名物のロティサリー(rotisserie / 回転焼き)・ローストチキンは、小・中・大のサイズがあり、4種類から選べる自家製ソース(ranch、barbecue、chilli、Caesar)でいただく(詳細はメニュー参照)。


When you ask people in London what is their favorite chicken restaurant, many would say Nando’s, South African chain known for its Portuguese-Mozambican flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, more than Kentucky Fried Chicken. But if you prefer an independent restaurant but not chain, you may want to try Clockjack Oven in SOHO near Piccadilly Circus.

Named after their clock jack spit roasting machine (behind the counter in the 2nd photo), Clockjack Oven is all about chicken (menu). Their free range chickens are sourced from a small farming co-operative in Brittany, France, and are flavoured with a simple marinade made from their own recipe. Available in different sizes, their rotisserie roasted chicken is served with one (or more if you like) of four house sauces: ranch, barbecue, chilli, and Caesar (see menu for details).

Nice place, friendly staffs, and delicious chicken and sauces (I like two creamy ones, ranch and Caesar), but we ordered whole chicken with 10 pieces, which was a bit too much for the same taste. It would have been smarter to order smaller portion of those, combining with other varieties of chicken and side dishes…

Whole Rotisserie Roasted Chicken (10 pieces) £18.95 / Caesar salad £3.95 / Double cooked chips £2.95


Tufnell Park Tavern @ Tufnell Park

2週間前にオープンしたばかりのガストロ・パブ、Tufnell Park Tavern(タフネル・パーク・タバーン)。近所に住む友人のお薦めで行ってみた。店内は、伝統的なロースト料理や地中海風メニュー等、きちんとした食事を出すパブ・エリアと、軽食やお茶の出来るデリに分かれていて、パブはダークブラウンを基調とした伝統的なパブのインテリア、打って変わって、デリはミント・グリーンの壁にカントリー調のテーブルや椅子で明るくまとめられている。また、天気の良い日は、外のガーデン席に座って、太陽の光を満喫するのもいい。


We went to Tufnell Park Tavern, just opened two weeks ago, as my friend who lives nearby recommended as a great gastro pub. The inside is divided into pub area, where you can have a proper meal such as traditional roast and Mediterranean inspired dishes, and deli area where you can have a light meal and a cup of tea/coffee. The pub area decorated with dark wood in good taste is traditional pub-ish and quite impressive. On the other hand, the interior of the deli is more cheerful and bright, with peppermint green walls and country-style furniture. There is also garden seating area and it is quite busy when it’s sunny.

The food and desert for both pub and deli, cooked in the open kitchen, are fresh and great, as my friend told me – you should difinately go there with an empty stomach, instead of just having a drink. We ordered pizza at deli counter today. Freshly baked pizza was popping hot and crunchy, and M said that the pizza was the best he ever had in London. Blueberry muffin was not too sweet and lovely as well.

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Canteen British Restaurant @ Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

日本に帰ると、「イギリス料理は不味いの?」と聞かれることが非常に多いのだけれど、ガストロパブ(おいしい食事を提供するパブ)やセレブ・シェフの流行もあって、材料にこだわった、美味しくて洒落たブリティッシュ・レストランが増えている。Canteen(カンティーン)は、私たちが好きなブリティッシュ・レストランの一つ。「Canteen」は、学校やオフィス、軍の基地等にあるカフェテリア/レストランを意味するイギリス英語で、学食や社食を指す。ロンドンに現在4軒あるけれど、私たちがよく行くのは最寄りのSpitalfields店と、BFIでの映画やコンサートの際に立ち寄る、サウスバンクのRoyal Festival Hall店。

メニューは伝統的イギリス料理のパイやロースト料理、シチューやオーブン料理、魚料理、ソーセージ&マッシュ等。フェアリー・ケーキ(カップケーキ)やヴィクトリア・スポンジ(スポンジ・ケーキ)等、デザートもイギリス風。Free Range(放し飼い)で育てられた添加物不使用の肉類や、南海岸から直送された魚等、新鮮で厳選した主に国産の旬の食材を使った気取らないイギリス料理と、リーズナブルな値段で人気、その味はメディアや批評家からも高い評価を得ている。ちなみに昨日見た、豚の飼育や虐待に関するドキュメンタリー「True Stories: Pig Business」によると、イギリスのAnimal Welfare(動物福祉)に関する規制はヨーロッパでいちばん厳しいそう。動物愛護に熱心なイギリスでは、そうした家畜の福祉に配慮したレストラン(特にブリティッシュ)をよく見かける。Canteenもその一つで、家畜を人道的に扱う農場から肉類を購入しているという。

また、Very Good and ProperWindmill Furniture等ブリティッシュ・デザインの家具を使った、シンプルかつモダンで暖かみのあるインテリアは、WallpaperTime Out誌の2006年ベスト・レストラン・デザイン賞候補になった。また、24ページの店紹介の冊子(写真下)もスタイリッシュにデザインされていて、もらう価値あり。

Incredibly, so many people from abroad believe that British food is bad. Due to the popularity of gastropubs and celebrity chefs, there are a wave of cool and delicious British restaurants using good quality ingredients in UK recent years. Canteen (“a cafeteria/restaurant at school, office or military base,” in British English) is one of our favorite British restaurants. Canteen has four branches in London, and we sometimes go to the nearest Spitalfields restaurant and the Royal Festival Hall branch in Southbank Centre when we go to a concert or a movie at BFI.

The food at Canteen is traditional British; pies, roast, stew, bakes, fish, and sausage & mash etc. The desert is also good old British treats, such as fairy cakes (cupcake) and Victoria sponge (sponge cake). All their meat is free range and additive free, and their fish is delivered directly from south coast of England. With their unpretentious food using fresh and mainly domestic ingredients from selected sources, and with its reasonable price, Canteen is very popular among Londoners and is also highly regarded by media and food critiques. I saw yesterday a documentary “True Stories: Pig Business” about pig welfare in some farms abroad (USA and Poland), and I got to know that the British regulation on animal welfare is the strictest in Europe. In general, British are passionate about animal right and welfare, and I’ve seen many restaurants, including Canteen, expressing their values in better life for farm animals and using free range and/or organic meats.

Canteen’s simple and modern but also warm interior, using British design furniture from Very Good and Proper and Windmill Furniture, is also highly recognized, and Canteen was nominated for “Best Restaurant Design 2006” by Wallpaper and Time Out. Their 24-page information booklet (photo below) also stylishly designed, and worth to get a copy.

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Christmas Day in UK



その後、メイン・イベントである、Christmas dinner(クリスマス・ディナー。クリスマスの日の昼食)の準備が始まる。日本ではディナー=夕食であるが、英語で「dinner」は、「1日の中心的な食事」で、昼食または夕食を指す。ちなみに、こちらでは学校給食は「School dinner(スクール・ディナー)」と呼ばれる。伝統的なクリスマス・ディナーのメニューは、詰め物をしたローストターキー(七面鳥の丸焼き)に、付け合わせのポテト、人参、芽キャベツ等(蒸すかゆでる)。そして、デザートにはブランデー・バターとともにクリスマス・プディングChristmas pudding、イギリスではプディングはデザートの同義語)が出される。七面鳥はぱさぱさしているし、蒸し野菜・茹で野菜は嫌いだし、プディングは甘くて重たいので、私はこちらのクリスマス・ディナーはちょっと苦手だ。食事が始まるのが遅めなので、その間はミンスパイやマグカップに入ったMulled Wine(マルド・ワイン、スパイスを加えたホット・ワイン)を口にしながら待つ。テーブルには、クリスマス・クラッカーChristmas Cracker)。日本のクラッカーとは形が違い、ラッピングペーパーのような光沢のある紙で包まれている。片方を一人が、反対側をもう一人が握り、互いが引っ張ると、「パン!」と割れて、中からおもちゃやジョークの書かれた紙、紙製の王冠が出てくる。クリスマス・パーティや誕生パーティで、大の大人が嬉しそうに、この紙の王冠を冠っているのを良く見かける。


On the Christmas Day today, snow has fallen in parts of the UK, and it has become a white Christmas in Scotland and northern England (London was sunny). Nearly 100% of businesses close today, except very few non-Christian stores and restaurants, and the the city looks like a ghost town. I always wonder what all the tourists do on the Christmas day – it’s very cold, major tourist sights are closed, and very few restaurants are open (and could be very expensive with the special Christmas menu in hotel restaurants).

The Christmas Day in UK starts with opening Christmas presents. After the excitement (and disappointment)  of this ritual, preparation of Christmas Dinner, the main event of the day, starts. According to statistics by the Church of England, only 2.66 million people, among population of 60 millions, went to church services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in 2007.

Typical menu of the day is roast turkey with stuffing or other meats, and some boiled or steamed vegetables such as potatoes, brussels sprouts, and carrots. After the meal, a dessert of Christmas pudding (or plum pudding) is served with brandy butter. The turkey is tend to be dry, I hate steamed or boiled vegetables, and the pudding (refers to any desert in UK) is very sweet and heavy, so I am not really crazy about British Christmas dinner. Since the Christmas dinner starts in the afternoon, mince pies and a mug of mulled wine are often served while waiting. During the meal, Christmas crackers, containing toys, jokes and a paper hat, are often pulled – one person holds one side and another person grips the other side, and pull together. I often see a grown-up adult wearing this paper crown, but looking a bit stupid (cute for kids, though), in a Christmas or a birthday party.

After the big meal, people move to a living room, and spend the afternoon chatting, relaxing, watching TV, or playing games. At 3pm, some people watch annual Royal Christmas Message, started in 1932, by the Queen made to the Commonwealth. In this year’s speech, the Queen expressed sadness at the death toll among British troops in Afghanistan, referred to the Commonwealth as “strong and practical force for good”, and ended her speech with her hope for a better future.

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