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Fischli/Weiss: Rock on Top of Another Rock @ Serpentine Gallery

サーペンタイン・ギャラリー夏季限定パビリオンを見に行った時、ギャラリーの入口前に、2つの大きな石が積み重なって置かれているのに気づいた。花崗岩を使った5.5mの高さのこのインスタレーション「Rock on Top of Another Rock 」(来年3月6日まで)は、スイス人アーティストのデュオ・Peter FischliとDavid Weiss、通称Fischli/Weissの初の公共スカルプチュア作品。驚きの見事なバランスを保っている。


When we went to see the Serpentine Gallery Pavillion 2013, we noticed these two rocks in front of the gallery entrance, incredibly balanced one on top of the other. This impressive 5.5m tall installation, Rock on Top of Another Rock (until March 6, 2014), comprising two large granite boulders, is the first public sculpture by Swiss artist duo, Peter Fischli and David Weiss or simply Fischli/Weiss. It is amazing. Well done.

Coming from the earthquake-prone country, first thing came into my mind when seeing the work is, this can’t be done in Japan – the rock on the top would fall and could kill someone in case of an earthquake, even a mild one.