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Blue Jasmine @ Everyman Screen on the Green

ロンドン三部作であるMatch Pointマッチポイント)、Scoop (タロットカード殺人事件)、Cassandra’s Dreamウディ・アレンの夢と犯罪)、そしてVicky Cristina Barcelonaそれでも恋するバルセロナ)、Midnight in Parisミッドナイト・イン・パリ)、To Rome with Loveローマでアモーレ)と、近年ヨーロッパで映画を多く撮っていたウディ・アレンの最新作「Blue Jasmine」を見に行った。私はずっと、ウディ・アレンはアメリカ、特にニューヨークを舞台にした人間関係のしがらみを扱ったら天下一品だと思っていたが、Blue Jasmineはドンピシャ。久しぶりに彼の真骨頂を見た気がする。日本ではまだ未公開らしいが、あらすじは以下の通り。



久しぶりに行ったエンジェルの映画館・Screen on the Green過去ブログ参照)は、今はEverymanというアートハウス系映画館の傘下となっていた。それに伴ってか、後ろ2列が居心地のいいソファー席になっていて、料金に2ポンド追加で家のリビングのように寛げる。後ろにはカフェ/バーもあり、コーヒーやワインを飲みながら映画を見ることも出来る。この映画館もお薦め。

Many of Woody Allen‘s recent films were shot in Europe, some of them in London such as Match Point, Scoop, and Cassandra’s Dream and others in Barcelona (Vicky Cristina Barcelona), Paris (Midnight in Paris)  and Rome (To Rome with Love). But I always think that he is a master when he portrays relationship issues among intellectuals and high society in New York, and his latest work, Blue Jasmine, is the one and the very best in recent years for me. Here is the synopsis.

After everything in her life falls to pieces, including her marriage to wealthy businessman Hal (Alec Baldwin), elegant New York socialite Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) moves into her sister Ginger’s (Sally Hawkins) modest apartment in San Francisco. Jasmine is in a fragile mental state and depends on anti-depressants and vodka. She doesn’t cope well with her undesired new life and still behaves like an aristocrat, and calls her sister’s boyfriend and ex-husband ‘losers’. She reluctantly works as the receptionist in a dentist’s office, with a improvised goal to study to be a successful interior designer with her sophisticated taste. One day, Jasmine meets Dwight (Peter Sarsgaard), a diplomat who is quickly smitten with her beauty, sophistication and style, and finds a hope to get back to high life. However, her lies about her past lead to another catastrophic blow to Jasmine.

This comedy-drama hilariously but painfully portrays fall of a woman who had everything but lost everything except her pride. I was annoyed with Jasmine’s arrogance at the beginning but gradually started to feel sympathy and to pity her. She is forced to live like an ‘ordinary’ people that causes her a nervous breakdown, but she tries to cope with hardship in her own way though a bit clumsy and bit unrealistic. Cate Blanchett did play the role perfectly, and I can’t think about any actress who can do better than her. Also I am impressed Woody Allen as a man, can perfectly describe woman’s nature – closing one eye on her husband’s infidelity and illegal activity or telling a ‘little’ lie to protect her own happiness. I give this film a 5-star.

I didn’t go to Angel’s cinema Screen on the Green (past blog) for a long time, and during the break, the cinema has become a part of Everyman Cinemas. Accordingly, comfy sofa seating called ‘Premier Seat’ is introduced at the last two rows, and there you can enjoy a film like you are in your living room, with extra £2.00. There is a café/bar at the back that serves you a refreshment at your own seat. The cinema is also recommended.

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