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Kiosk Takeaway Sandwich Shop @ King’s Cross Station

キングス・クロス駅に隣接するGreat Northern Hotelのテナントで、西側コンコース側にあるテークアウト用サンドイッチショップ・KIOSK。ヒップなデザインが目を引くこのお店は、その場でスライスしたローストターキー(七面鳥)やポーク、ソルトビーフ等をこだわりのパンに挟んだグルメサンドイッチが売り。朝11時前まではクロワッサンやマフィン、ポリッジ、そしてブレックファスト・サンドイッチと朝食用メニューがある。こだわりついでに、コーヒーもMonmouth coffeeのもの。パッケージデザインもいい感じ(ウェブ参照)。まだここのサンドイッチは食べた事がないのだけれど、もしキングス・クロス駅から電車に乗る事があれば是非一度トライしてみたい。

KIOSK, built into the ground floor of the Great Northern Hotel and opened to the Western Concourse at King’s Cross Station, is a hip take-away shop that grabbed our eyes when passing by. They sell hot roast meat sandwiches with freshly hand-carved turkey, pork or salt-beef in between artisan breads, as well as breakfast favorites such as bacon or sausage sandwiches, croissants, muffins and porridge. Monmouth coffee is also available to go. I love their package design! (see their website).I haven’t tried their ‘gourmet’ sandwiches yet, but it’s on my to-eat list if we have a chance to travel from King’s Cross station one day.


Longroom@St John’s Street, Smithfields


Longroomは、クリエイティブ産業が集まるクラーケンウェルに3月にオープンした、お洒落なパブ。ビールが売りだけれど、スミスフィールズ食肉市場に近いという立地から、「quality meat(良品質の肉)」も謳う。メニューはシンプルで、Gail’s bakeryのパンを使ったサンドイッチに、グリルチーズかhot salt beefの盛り合わせ、サラダ、サイドディッシュ、そしてデザート1種のみ。パブだからとあんまり期待していなかったけど、トーストしたサンドイッチ(Lincolnshire Poacher £7.50&Craft Beer rarebit £7)は意外に美味、味をしめて後日再来店、スープ半分サンドイッチ半分の「worker’s lunch」セット(£7.50)を注文。サンドイッチは期待通りの味だったが、スープが水っぽく具がほとんど入っていなかったのがマイナス点。そして女性ならともかく、男性なら2人前必要なのでは、と思うほど量が少ない。コーヒーも、近くのWorkshop Coffeeのコーヒー豆を使っていながら、バリスタかコーヒー豆、エスプレッソマシンの何が悪かったのか分からないが、とにかくお粗末な味。サクッとサンドイッチだけ食べて帰るか、パブとしてビールを飲みに行くのが無難。

Longroom is another good looking pub in Smithfields, opened in this March. Yes, this is a pub and their specialty is beers, but they claim that they also serve ‘quality meat’, as it is located just a stone away from the Smithfields meat market. Their food menu is rather short in compare to their drink menus, and basically what they have is several kinds of sandwiches with bread from Gail’s bakery and sharing boards of grilled cheese or hot salt beef, as well as few salads and sides and only one desert. Their toasted sandwiches (Lincolnshire Poacher £7.50 and Craft Beer rarebit £7) were surprisingly good. Another day we ordered their “worker’s lunch” (1/2 soup & 1/2 sandwich £7.50). Again the sandwiches were good, but their soups (onions and broccoli) were diluted and barely contained any piece of ingredients. The portion was small, not for ‘workers’ who definitely need to eat double of it. And the coffee from nearby Workshop Coffee were disappointedly bad. We were not sure what was bad, the barista, coffee beans, or espresso machine… Go for sandwich, or beers only.

Panino Giusto @ Royal Exchange, Bank

ミラノに本店を置くイタリアのサンドイッチ・チェーン、Panino Giustoが4月22日、ロンドン一号店をバンク駅近くにあるRoyal Exchange Buildings(旧王立取引所)内にオープンさせた。1979年にミラノに最初の店を構えたPanino Giustoは、現在ミラノを中心にイタリアに22店、東京・横浜に計5店を展開。多様なパニーニ・サンドイッチの他、Stuzzico(アペタイザー、食欲をそそるの意)、サラダ、ハムやサラミ、チーズ、数は少ないが肉料理、そしてセレクトされたイタリアンワインが楽しめる(イタリア語メニュー)。


Milan-based Italian sandwich chain, Panino Giusto opened its first restaurant in London on April 22 at Royal Exchange Buildings near Bank (Panino Giusto blog). Panino Giusto now has 22 restaurants in Italy (17 in Milan) and 5 in Japan (I didn’t know that), after 30 years of opening its first restaurant in Milan in 1979. You can enjoy a wide range of toasted panini sandwiches, cold & hot dishes such as Stuzzico (appetiser, stimulate an appetite in Italian), charcuteries and cheeses, salad, and few meat dishes as well as selected Italian wines (menu in Italian only). 

This elegant two-floor restaurant can host 140 diners, and opens from 11.30am to midnight, Monday to Friday. Located in the heart of the financial heart of London, the restaurant obviously targets city business people. But on contrary to its posh look, their freshly made food is rather reasonable, and their panini cost no more than £8 except few. Montagu panino with roast beef cost £6.80, and generous portion of Caprese with Mozzarella cheese and san dried tomato is £6.80 (photo below). So chamomile tea for £3.00 seems pricey in compare.

The Association Coffee @ Creechurch Lane, City of London


ウェブサイトによると、Associationはコーヒーに情熱を注いでおり、通常のエスプレッソブレンドの他、ほぼ週変わりの季節に応じたブレンドが楽しめる。また、Stove Top(イタリアのマキネッタのように、直火で抽出するコーヒーメーカー)、French Press、Filter Coffeeなど抽出法に応じたコーヒー豆や、家庭用コーヒー抽出用器具も販売している。コーヒー以外にも、紅茶、見た目はぱっとしないが(失礼)良質の材料で作ったペイストリーやケーキ、サンドイッチなどもある(menu / 仕入れ先リスト)。コーヒーへの並々ならぬこだわりは感じられるが、残念ながら私たちのエスプレッソとフラット・ホワイトは平均並み。フラット・ホワイトは、ラテかと思うほどコーヒーが薄く、しかも少しぬるかい。ただ今時のインテリアの店内は広々としていて、木製ボードにのせて食べ物をサーブするなど、プレゼンテーションも気が利いている。シティはチェーンのコーヒー店ばかりで、美味しいコーヒーが飲める独立系のカフェがほとんどないので、Associationは貴重な存在。シティに行く際は、再挑戦してみたい。

Normally caffeine junkie M finds a new cafe from all kinds of sources such as cafe blogs, newspapers & magazines etc, but we found the Association by chance, when we walked through the City, where we rarely visit. This good looking cafe looks more fitting in hip East London, rather than corporate City of London, but was very popular among business people.

According to their website, the Association is all about coffee, and offer a range of seasonal coffees as well as their regular espresso. They also sell bags of coffee for for a Stove Top, a French Press or a Filter Coffee, as well as a range of home brewing equipment. Aside from coffee, they also offer teas, simple pastries and cakes, and sandwiches (menu), using the best of ingredients (suppliers list), although they don’t have big variety. Sounds great, and I feel a lot of passion from them. However, we found their coffee (espresso & flat white) were average. My flat white was not strong enough but more like latte, and was not hot enough… But the place is chic & spacious, and their presentation of food on a wood board is very cute. We will try again when we go to the City, where there are very few great independent coffee shops other than chains.

Cortado Coffee & Cava Bar @ Gainsborough Studios, New North Road

Shoreditch Parkの北にあるアパートメント・コンプレックス、Gainsborough Studiosの中にあるカフェ・Cortado。ウェブサイトもFacebookページもなくツイッターのみ(@CortadoN1)、開店時間や電話番号等インターネット上でもほとんど情報がない穴場のようなこのお店、去年7月のオープン(Twitter情報)以来、ずっと気になっていた。

中は、グレーの壁や白木造りのテーブルといった淡い色調をベースに、黄色い椅子がアクセントになった、北欧風インテリア。ツイッターの紹介欄では、「coffee & cava bar specialising in delicious Spanish goodies(美味しいスペイン料理を出すコーヒー&カバ・バー)」とあり、メニューを見た限りさほどスペイン風とは思えないが、チョリソハモン・セラーノ等を使った卵料理やサラダ、サンドイッチなど、朝食、ブランチ、ランチメニューがある。夜は営業していない(と思う)のに、スパニッシュ・ワイン(赤・白・ロゼ・カバ)やビールもあるのが、いかにもショーディッチらしい。

この日のランチは、BLTサンドイッチ(£4.50)とチョリソ入りスクランブルエッグ(£6)。サンドイッチは好きな具を選べるカスタムオーダー式で、肉入りで£4.50、ベジタリアンだと£4。ハーフサイズ(£2.50 / £2.20)にして、サラダ(£5)やスープ(£3)と組み合わせたりもできる。ホーローのお皿や木のボードなど、プレゼンテーションも洒落ていて、手作り料理もコーヒーも想像以上。なかなか行きづらい場所にあるのがネックだが、近くにお越しの際は是非!

Gainsborough Studios West
1 Poole Street
N1 5ED

Cortado is a little cute cafe, located inside the large apartment complex Gainsborough Studios, north of Shoreditch Park. We wanted to try this cafe for a while and finally we had a chance to visit. Cortado doesn’t have a website or facebook page, just twitter account (@CortadoN1), and I couldn’t find much information about this anonymous cafe, including telephone number and opening hours, except the fact that it opened in last July and the location.

The cafe is tasteful decorated in Scandinavian style, with yellow chairs making a good contrast with soft colours such as light gray walls and light-wood tables. Their twitter page calls themselves as a “coffee & cava bar  specialising in delicious spanish goodies”. The menu doesn’t seem so Spanish, but they offer breakfast, brunch & lunch menu such as a selection of egg dishes and salads with chorizo or serrano ham, as well as sandwiches. I don’t think it opens at night, but they also have ‘booze’ menu with a selection of Spanish wines (whites, reds, rose, and sparklings) and Estrella beer – very Shoreditch-y.

Our lunch of the day was BLT sandwiches (£4.50) and scrambled egg with chorizo (£6). They make a custom sandwich with ingredients of your choice (meat option £4.50 / vegies £4). You can also order “halfwich” (£2.50 / £2.20) and make your own combo with soup (£3) or salad (£5). Their make-to-order food was hearty and yummy, and their coffee was equally high standard. The presentation of food on an enamel plate and a wooden board was very cute as well. The only problem is their “not easy to reach” location, but if you happen to be nearby, you should definitely try!

BLTサンドイッチ(£4.50)とサラダ / BLT sandwiches (£4.50) and salad

チョリソ入りスクランブルエッグ(£6)/ scrambled egg with chorizo (£6)


Their banana bread with pecan and honey was mouthwatering too.