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Amici Miei Italian Home Cooking @ Kingsland Road, Shoreditch

Pizza Eastに行く通り道にあるイタリアン・レストラン、Amici Miei(アミーチ・ミエイ)。お店ができた時から気になっていたが、頭はいつもPizza Eastのピッツァで占められているので、いつも素通りしていた。でも先週の寒波の際に、近場でランチをと考えていたところ、ふとここを思い出し試してみた。

Amici Mieiは、隣にあるサルデーニャ料理のレストラン&テークアウト店、Due Sardi(ドゥエ・サルディ:二人のサルデーニャ人の意)のオーナーの2軒目のお店。「Amici Miei(私の友人たち)」と言う名前の通り、スタッフはフレンドリー。隣の、いかにもアングラ・ショーディッチ風のDue Sardiと違い、そのインテリアはシンプル&ナチュラル、洒落た田舎のトラットリアという感じで、なかなか可愛い。


We have passed in front of this Italian restaurant, Amici Miei, dozens of times when we went to Pizza East. Since its opening, we wanted to try this place, but our minds were preoccupied with pizza at Pizza East every time we passed by, and we just like, “well, we would try another time”. But last week with big freeze, we didn’t want to go far and finally dined at Amici Miei.

Amici Miei is the second restaurant of the owner of Due Sardi (= two Sardinians in English) , a casual Sardinian eatery next door. As its name “Amici Miei (=my friends)” suggests, staffs were pleasantly friendly. In compare to typical Shoreditch-y offbeat Due Sardi, its interior is smart & simple, and more like cute trattoria in Italy.

We saw a stone oven on the back of the restaurant, and immediately made up our mind to order pizza. We had Italians’ favorites, Margherita (back in the photo below) and Marinara (front in the photo). Our expectation reached the top when the waiter brought us our pipping hot dishes, but it turned sour as we had a bite. Pizza crust was neither chewy as Neapolitan pizza or crunchy as Roman style, but just the taste of flour. Tomato sauce was too little and mozzarella (not the fresh kind) was too much, and the olives were just bad. However, people seem to like their pizza as I checked online reviews. Some possibilities: 1) we are wrong, 2) chef of the day was an intern, 3) the reviews were done by their ‘amici’. Need to try Amici Miei again to tell our verdict.

Delicious Gelato @ Sardo Cucina, Fitzrovia

サルデーニャ料理専門レストラン・Sardoの隣にあるイタリアンデリ&カフェ、Sardo Cucina(サルド・クッチーナ)。2010年12月に、トッテナムコートロードと平行するWhitfield Street(ウィットフィールド・ストリート)とGrafton Way(グラフトン・ウェイ)の交差点にオープンした。


Italian deli & café Sardo Cucina stands side by side with Sardinian restaurant Sardo, the owner of the café, opened in December 2010 at the corner of Whitfield Street, pararel to Tottenham Court Road, and Grafton Way.

Ready-made pasta, pizza slices, sandwiches, and pastries are on display at the counter. But today was quite hot with its highest temperature around 30° (which is rare in London), and we jumped on gelato for cool. We got vanilla and pistacchio among 8 choices. I thought £2.9 for a small cup with one gelato was a bit overpriced, but it worth the price. Creamy vanilla made with rich vanilla beans is perfect sweetness and taste. Pistacchio tastes nice as well, without heaviness that cheaper version tends to have. Best gelato I’ve had in London so far.