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Financial Times Saturday: FT WEEKEND

Mは最近、フィナンシャル・タイムズ(以下FT)の土曜版(FT WEEKEND)を買い始めた。ちなみにイギリスの新聞は、土曜、日曜版は分厚く、ニュース、アート&エンターテインメント、スポーツ、不動産、旅行など、いくつかのカテゴリーに分かれており、付録の雑誌やテレビガイドなどもついてくる。よって、お値段も高くなる。FT WEEKENDは、他紙の土曜版より高い2.80ポンド。やはり購読層がお金持ちなせいか、紙面は高級感が漂い、広告や掲載されるファッションや商品は高級ブランドもので、私には少し取っつき難い感じ。

以前は、経済紙のイメージの強いFTはシティに勤める銀行員か金融関係者向けだとして、見向きもしなかったのだけれど、土曜版のアート&エンターテインメント系の記事が充実してると聞いたので買ってみたら、面白かったとのこと。Mが何故か目の敵にする、雑誌・Monocleの編集長、Tyler Brûlé(タイラー・ブリュレ)がコラムを持っていて、このこともMが土曜版を買う理由の一つじゃないかと思っている。Mは否定するけれど、なんだかんだ言いながらMonocleも毎号チェックするし、彼のポッドキャストも毎週聞いているし。



Recently, M switched his Saturday paper to Financial Times (FT)’s Saturday version, FT WEEKEND. British newspapers’ Saturday and Sunday versions are thicker than weekdays, divided in several categories such as news, arts & entertainments, sports, real estate, travel etc, and usually comes with magazines and TV guides. Therefore, the price is also higher than weekdays. FT WEEKEND cost £2.80, which is more expensive than other Saturday papers. Since FT has more affluent readers, I can smell money and poshness here and there in the paper, and ads and featured fashions & products are of expensive brands – I feel a bit fish out of water when I read it.

In the past, we thought that FT is a financial paper, as its name suggests, and is for the City bankers and financial workers, and never thought about buying it. But M started to buy FT WEEKEND because he heard that Arts section on FT Saturday version is quite good. I also believe that one of the reason he buys FT WEEKEND because his archenemy Tyler Brûlé, an editor-in-chief of the Monocle magazine, has a column. M denies it, but he checks Monocle magazine every month while complaining, and listens Tyler’s podcast every week!

Though he buys FT on Saturday, he still sticks to the Timesthe Sunday Times on other days. Since we moved to London, the newspapers he reads has shifted from leftish the Guardian / the Observer and the Independent to the more central right the Times and FT. Since many readers of the left papers are young, it means that M got older and became a middle aged man (sorry for the young readers of the Times and FT) ??  But still self-endorsed ‘cosmopolitan city boy’ M insists not to buy the Daily Telegraph, which he believes that it’s for suburban and countryside conservatives and elders (sorry again for the young Telegraph readers!). →See past entry for details about British papers.

But its dirty pink / beige color is not cool – blunt and boring. Color photos don’t look well with the background color. I understand that they want to use the color to stand out, but the choice seems to be wrong, to me…

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