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Big Brother star Jade Goody died today

Jade Goody

人気のリアリティ番組ビッグ・ブラザー(Big Brother)」出身のタレント、Jade Goodyジェイド・グッディ)が、子宮頸癌で、今日亡くなった(享年27歳)。荒れた家庭に育ったジェイドは、2002年に「ビッグ・ブラザー」に出演してから、歯に衣を着せぬ物言いと常識のなさで一躍セレブの仲間入りをしたが(好き嫌いは極端に分かれ、彼女の事を嫌いな人は毛嫌いする)、2007年には「セレブリティ・ビッグ・ブラザー(有名人版)」でインド人ボリウッド女優のシルパ・シェティに「差別的発言」した事がきっかけで人気が下降、その矢先、2008年に癌の宣告。それから1年も経たないうちに、27歳という若さで、2人の子を残して亡くなった。治療で髪が抜けても、死の間際までメディアの前に登場。BFとの念願の結婚式も、子供のためになるべくたくさんお金を残したいと、1部メディアに独占公開した。お騒がせタレントで、あまり好意を持っていなかったのだが、やはり死のニュースを聞くと、本当に気の毒に思う。自分自身はもとより、2人の小さな男の子を残していく事は、さぞかし辛かっただろう。


Reality TV star Jade Goody has passed away today, at the age of 27, after a battle against cervical cancer. Since her appearance in Channel 4 reality TV show Big Brother in 2002, she was criticized by the media for her lack of general knowledge and care-free attitude (eg. got drunk and became naked). Growing up in a rough family background, Jade became  sort of a star but at the same time, some people love her but many hate her. In 2007, her popularity dropped because she made a ‘racist‘ comment against her house mate, Indian Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, in Celebrity Big Brother. Soon after Jade was told she had cervical cancer in 2008. In less than a year, Jade died as an age of 27, leaving 2 small boys. She kept in the media spotlight, even after she lost all hair due to the treatment, and made a deal with some of the media (ie. OK! Magazine) for exclusive coverage of her wedding, in order to ‘leave as much money as possible’ to her boys. To be honest, I didn’t like her, but I really feel sorry that she had to go at such a young age leaving small children motherless.

Since the media reported Jade’s terminal cancer, British medical authorities began announcing a surge in requests from women, particularly younger women, for screening for cervical cancer. As a result, the Government agreed to review its policy of not offering screening for cervical cancer until the age of 25 in England (it is 20 in the rest of the UK). Jade said that she was “immensely proud” that she had helped prompt the review. Cervical cancer can be treated if it is detected at early stage.

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