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Royal Mail “Simply Drop”: Recycling for Cash

Simply Drop envelop

最近、携帯をiPhoneに換えたので、古い携帯をロイヤル・メール(Royal Mail・イギリス郵政公社)の「Simply Drop」でリサイクルすることにした。Simply Dropは、要らなくなった携帯、デジタルカメラ、MP3プレーヤー、インク・カートリッジをリサイクルするシステムで、Greater London Authority Recycle for London(ロンドンを管轄する大ロンドン庁のリサイクル部門)やMet Police National Mobile Phone Crime Unitロンドン警視庁携帯犯罪班)、その他リサイクル団体と協力体制を取っている。しばらく前に郵便局に行った時に見かけて、新しい携帯が来たら利用しようかと考えていた。ドラッグストアチェーンのBootsでも、携帯をリサイクルするとポイントがもらえるのだが、私の型番だと300ポイント(£3相当)。Simply Dropだと£8、Mの分とあわせて£16になるというので、ロイヤル・メールにした。ちなみに、インク・カートリッジは、スポンサーとなっているDogs Trustという慈善団体に寄付している。




I switched my mobile to iPhone recently, so I sent out M’s and my old phones to the Royal Mail‘s “Simply Drop” program. Simply Drop is a recycle scheme for unwanted mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3 players, as well as household inkjet cartridges, and you can earn money by recycling, though it depends on the model. Royal Mail Simply Drop works with the Greater London Authority Recycle for London team and the Met Police National Mobile Phone Crime Unit, as well as well-established recycling organizations. I saw the scheme when I went to a post office a while ago, and thought about using it when I get my new mobile. A drug store chain Boots gives Advantage Card points when you recycle your mobile with them, but I could get only 300 points (equivalent to £3) from Boots. I chose Simply Drop because we could get £8 each, £16 for both of us. As for inkjet cartridges, I donate to Dogs Trust recycling program, with which I become a shelter dog sponsor.

How to recycle your mobile is simple.

1.Register your item on the web
2.Send your item in a prepaid envelope sent by Royal Mail when you register
3.Get your payment

You can track your item on the web. Payment can be made either by deposit into your PayPal account, by cash payment from a local Post Office via a text message confirmation, or by Postal Order via post, or you can donate your reward to one of the five charities. I chose PayPal payment (sorry I don’t donate to a charity). Feel good by recycling unwanted item, and receive cash – perfect system! But it will be another big Postal Strikes, again, on this Thursday and Friday – hope our mobiles will arrive safely.

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