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Bermondsey Street @ Southwark

ロンドンブリッジ駅程近くのBermondsey street(バーモンジー・ストリート)は、最近人気のエリアの一つ。昔の倉庫や工場など産業地帯の面影を残すこの通りには、Pizarroとその姉妹店のJoseZuccaなど、近年トレンディなレストランがオープンしている。

テムズ川に近いこのエリアは元々湿地帯で、Bermondsey Streetはその中を通る土手道として作られた。中世には、ロンドンの市場に近く交通の便も良いこの地域は、真水の潮流が皮をなめすのに適しているということで、皮革とその関連産業が盛んになった。しかし19世紀頭にはその繁栄にも陰りが。1836年にLondon & Greenwich railwayがBermondsey Streetの北側を貫き、Bermondseyに産業が興ると共に、貧困と人口過密をももたらした。下水の悪臭や劣悪な住環境、騒音公害はひどく、産業が地域から去った後1900年以降は地域人口が低下。その後行政による住環境の改善が始まった。

多くの産業施設は取り壊されたが、近年残った建物は改装され、ロフト風「live/work(職住兼用)」住宅に生まれ変わり、ロンドンの再開発エリアとして人気上昇(Guardian紙)。1950年代にCaledonian RoadからBermondsey Squareに移転して来たBermondsey Antiques market(毎金曜日開催)に通じる道でもあるBermondsey Streetは、アンティーク業者が通り沿いの元倉庫を使用している。

↓ 下の写真はBermondsey Streetの北から南の順番に並べています

Bermondsey street in Southwark is one of the emerging trendy zone in London  with old industrial feel. Hip restaurants and shops such as ZuccaPizarro and sister venue of Jose have opened in recent years on this street.

Situated close to the river Thames, the Bermondsey Street area was originally marshland, and Bermondsey Street was built up as a causeway crossing the marshy land. The leather industry and allied activities began to flourish in medieval times, as the area’s freshwater tidal streams was ideal for the tanners. It was also close to the London markets and had good transport links. But the decline began in the 19th century. In 1836, the London & Greenwich railway was built across the northern end of Bermondsey Street. The railway opened up Bermondsey to industry but also brought poverty and overcrowding to the area. Open sewers and poor quality housing were common, and the noise and smells were awful. Later Industries moved out, and by 1900 the population was declining. The local council began to act on improving the area’s living conditions.

Nowadays Survived industrial buildings have been converted to ‘live/work’ lofts, and is becoming one of the most chic areas to live for Londoners (the Guardian). Also many of the former warehouses are used by antique dealers, as the street leads to Bermondsey Antiques market which was moved to Bermondsey Square from Caledonian Road in the 1950s and is held every Friday.

↓ Below photos are in order from the North to the South.

以前なめし革業者が使っていたビル / Industrial buildings of ex-tanner

1950年から現在まで、イギリス国内外のファッションに焦点を当てたFashion and Textile Museum

Fashion and Textile Museum, focusing on British and international fashion, and textile design from 1950 to the present day

Holly and Lil pet shop

人気のスペイン人シェフ・Jose Pizarro経営のシェリー酒&タパスバー・Jose

Popular Sherry & Tapas bar Jose, owned by Jose Pizarro

2011年10月にオープンしたWhite Cubeギャラリー

White Cube gallery moved in on October 2011


Popular Italian restaurant Zucca from 2010


Spanish restaurant Pizarro, owned by Jose Pizarro and is a sister venue of Jose

1690年建立のSt Mary Magdalen教会。13世紀よりこの地にある。

The church of St Mary Magdalen completed in 1690 (although a church has been recorded on this site from the 13th Century)


Cave, a specialist wine, flower and chocolate shop

Bermondsey Square HotelShortwave Cinema、アパートメント・コンプレックスに囲まれたBermondsey Square

Bermondsey Square, surrounded by Bermondsey Square HotelShortwave Cinema and apartments complex


The Refinery Bar&Restaurant @ Bankside Mix

The Refinery @ Bankside MixThe Refinery @ Bankside MixThe Refinery @ Bankside Mix

Bankside Mix(バンクサイド・ミックス)にあるバー&レストラン「The Refinery」。昼間に食べたサンドイッチ(steak sandwichとchicken club)が美味しかったので、ディナーにも行ってみた。天井が高く、広々として明るい店内は、バーエリアとレストランエリアに分かれていて。木のフロア、レストランエリアの古ぼけた感じの家具が居心地が良い。外にはポップでカラフルなテーブルと椅子が並べられていて、天気の良い日は外で日向ぼっこしながらゆったりというのも良い(写真は全て昼に行った時のもの)。


We went to a bar & restaurant ‘The Refinery‘ at Bankside Mix for dinner, as the sandwiches (steak sandwich and chicken club) we had for lunch were pretty good. Sunny and spacious inside with high ceiling were divided in bar and restaurant areas. Wooden floors and grungy-chic decor in the restaurant area were pretty nice + relaxing (the photos are all taken when we went for lunch). There are colorful + pop tables & chairs outside and you can relax under the sun on a nice day.

For the dinner, we ordered “today’s special” Linguine alle vongole, spaghetti w/ fresh cherry tomatoes, basil & parmesan vinaigrette, and rosemary & rock salt potatoes and rocket & parmesan salad as side dishes. After one bite, I regretted that I ordered pasta – I completely forgot about a golden rule, not to order pasta at British restaurants or pubs! I’ve never had a good pasta dish at the British places. Pasta was not “al dente” for both plates. Vongole sauce had no taste without the punch of garlic and chili, and needed more salt. I am not good at cooking but my spaghetti alle vongle is even better in compare! I should have ordered British food instead…

Bankside Mix

2008年7月にオープンした、バンクサイド・ミックスは、オフィス、レストラン、カフェ、バー、ショップ、スーパーマーケット等が入った複合施設。最寄り駅はSouthwark(サザーク)とLondon Bridge(ロンドン・ブリッジ)で、テート・モダンのすぐ背後に位置する。それまで美術館がある以外は不毛の地だったこのエリアに、少し活気を与えたが、不況のせいか1年あまりで、店舗2軒(写真の黄色とブルーの板塀で囲まれたところ)が閉店。今なおこの2店を含む4カ所の商業スペースが空いたままだ。現在、その隣にも大掛かりな再開発ビルが建設中だが、テナントはちゃんと入るんだろうか。

Opened in July 2008, Bankside Mix is the major mixed use development scheme and provides office, restaurants, cafes, a bar and shops. Situated behind Tate Modern on Southwark Street, Bankside Mix is minutes from Southwark and London Bridge tube stations. Bankside Mix helps vitalize the area where used to be nothing exciting but Tate Modern. However, after one year of its opening, two retails already failed (the spaces covered with yellow and blue boards in the photo), and there are four empty commercial spaces not filled in. Currently new development just next to Bankside Mix is being constructed, but can they attract tenants?

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