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Profile American Diner/Bar/Café @ Wardour Street, SOHO

The DinerThe Breakfast Clubなど、最近、レトロなアメリカ風ダイナーをモダンにアレンジした店が、ロンドンに増えている。SOHO・Wardour StreetにあるProfile(プロファイル)も、その一つ。ナイトクラブっぽい外観に、黄色と黒をベースにした、ファンキーでレトロな内装が、ロンドン・ナイトライフの中心地、ソーホーらしい。私たちが行ったのは昼下がりだったので、人気がなかったけれど、場所柄、週末なんかは混みそう。

メニューには、ハンバーガーやホットドッグ、スペアリブ、またフレンチトーストやパンケーキなどのブレックファースト類など、古き良きアメリカン・フードが並ぶ。今日は、「Original New Yorker」ホットドッグ(£5.50)を注文。ロンドンでは、ホットドッグは意外と見かけない。100%牛肉でできた、20cmはありそうなソーセージの上に、甘く炒めたオニオンをのせたホットドッグは、ホクホクのフライドポテトがついて、ボリューム満点、かなり食べごたえがある。少しトーストしてあるバンもなかなか美味しい。ホットドッグの本場、ニューヨークで評判のGrays Papayaにはかなわないかもしれないけれど、私は結構好き。Mは何が不満なのか、食後のillyコーヒーも含めて、今イチ気に入らなかったみたいだけれど。

Recently a retro American style diner arranged in modern is getting popular in London, such as The Diner and The Breakfast Club that I talked in the past, and Profile on Wardour Street in SOHO is also one of them. Its night-clubish exterior and yellow x black based retro funky interior go well with SOHO, the wild and chaotic center of London night life. There was only few customers when we went in the afternoon, but I assume it would be quite busy on weekend with its the location.

On its menu, you can find classic American comfort food such as burgers, hotdogs, and spare ribs, as well as all-day breakfast like French toast and pancakes. Today we ordered “Original New Yorker” hotdog (£5.50) – a hotdog is not easy to find in London for some reason. About 20cm (8″) long 100% beef sausage and sweet sautéed onions topping with fresh toasted bun, served with chunky fries, was pretty big, and I was completely full after I finished all. Although their hot may not beat Grays Papaya, a famous hotdog shop in New York, but I quite like it. However, M didn’t get the same satisfaction I got for some reason, including illy espresso after the meal.


We forgot to pay for motorycle parking and got a ticket for £40 (pay during the reduced charge period of 14 days. Full amount of £80 applied if paying after 14 days before 28 days period is over)…

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