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Pho Spitalfields @ Brushfield Street

フォーをはじめとするベトナムのストリートフードを出すレストラン、Phoに最初に行ったのは2005年、クラーケンウェルのSt John streetにオープンしたばかりの第一号店だった。その頃のロンドンのベトナム料理レストランと言えば、安っぽくセンスのない装飾のところばかりで、このPhoが、その後誕生するおしゃれなベトナム・レストランの走りだったと思う。そのPhoは現在、ロンドンに6店舗、ブライトンに1店舗を持つまでに成長した。

今日、このミニチェーンの新しい支店、Pho Spitalfields店に行ってきた。ベトナム料理店の居並ぶ「Phở Mile」と呼ばれるKingsland Streetから遠くはないけれど、Old Spitalfields Marketの向かいでリバプールストリート駅から徒歩数分という地の利、そして周りに競合店がないこともあり、エスニックフードを好む若者やヘルシー志向のシティのビジネスマン相手で、この店はまず安泰だろう。



First time we went to Pho Vietnamese restaurant was just after opening of their first venue in 2005 on St John street in Clerkenwell. We were quite excited when we found this cute place – at that time, most of the Vietnamese restaurants in London were shabby and cheaply decorated, and Pho is the first contemporary Vietnamese eatery we had seen here. Since then, Pho, focusing on Vietnamese street food, especially Phở noodle soup as the name suggests, has expanded and now have 6 restaurants in London and one in Brighton.

Today we tried their latest addition, Pho Spitalfields on Brushfield Street, just across the Old Spitalfields Market and few minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. It’s not far away from famous “Phở Mile,” but Pho has a geographical advantage of being close to those busy areas and has no strong competitors around. With their established reputation, I am sure they won’t fail there.

A bit dark inside, but nicely furnished natural and warm with everything wood as well as bare brick and white tiled walls. Everything nice, except cheesy “Pho” neon sign on the wall (in the 6th photo) which is not necessary to me.

Pho has rather simple menu, focusing on a small number of Vietnamese street foods, strictly Vietnamese and no Chinese dishes. It’s a big plus for me as “focus on one cuisine and don’t mix with others” is very important when I look for an oriental restaurant. At Pho, everything is made in-house from the high quality ingredients delivered daily, using authentic recipes, according to their website. Very important, too. Photos below are what we ordered.

Goi Cuon Tom(海老とハーブ入り生春巻き £4.45)とCha Gio(豚の春巻き £4.75)。上のフィッシュソースかピーナッツソースを選べる。生春巻きはあまり味がなく、揚げ春巻きも豚肉の味がせず物足りない。2品とも、通いたくなるような美味しさはなし。

Goi Cuon Tom (fresh summer rolls with prawns and fresh herbs, £4.45) and Cha Gio (fried pork spring rolls £4.75) with Nuoc cham fish sauce or peanut sauce. The summer rolls was bland and didn’t have much taste, and same to the spring rolls, as I didn’t taste pork and lacked wow-factor. I felt like something was missing from both dishes, and I wasn’t impressed.

Pho Tai Bo Vien(薄切り牛肉と肉団子入りフォー £7.95)と Pho Tai Chin(薄切り牛肉とブリスケット入りフォー £7.95)。フォーを売りにしているだけあって、フォーはなかなかの味。お肉は柔らかく、肉骨とスパイスを煮込んで出汁を取ったスープは旨味があり、添加物などの変な後味も残らない。

Pho Tai Bo Vien with steak, meatballs (£7.95) and Pho Tai Chin with steak and brisket (£7.95). Their signature dish Pho was quite nice. The meat was tender, and their broth, which I believe that they make proper stock from beef bones and spices, was flavourful without any nasty aftertaste of additives or MSGs.

Ca Phe(コンデンスミルク入りベトナム風コーヒー £2.25)。コンデンスミルク入りかブラックか選べるが、やっぱりコンデンスミルク入りが美味しい。コーヒーを淹れるためのステンレスのカップが、ガラスのカップの上に載って出てくるのも、何だか可愛い。

Ca Phe Vietnamese coffee (£2.25). Can be served with or without condensed milk, but definitely better with it. The presentation of “cup on top of a cup” was cute.


Ground floor. The floor staffs were friendly and the service was excellent.


Upper floor for more tables and takeaway counter.

Banh Mi Bay Vietnamese Baguettes and Pho Café @ Clerkenwell

先日バスに乗ってる時に見かけた、クラーケンウェルに最近オープンしたベトナム・カフェ、Banh Mi Bay(バンミー・ベイ)に行ってみた。インテリアが素敵でカジュアルなベトナム・カフェは、ロンドンではあまり見かけないので、バンミー・ベイのオープンは嬉しい。その名の通り、バゲットに肉、キュウリやチリ、ハーブなどを挟んだベトナム風サンドイッチ、バインミーもあるるけれど、それ以外にもフォーBánh canhの麺類、Bún(ブン)と呼ばれる麺を使ったサラダ、ご飯の上に串焼きの肉類などをのせたCom Dia、生春巻きや春巻き、そしてデザートなど、他のメニューも豊富。

ベトナム・レストランに行った時はいつもフォーを頼むんだけれど、今日は初めてBánh canh Thit Heo(£6。写真手前)にトライしてみた。豚からとったスープに、米粉やタピオカ粉、または小麦粉を混ぜて作った、半透明でモチモチした食感の太麺と、トッピングの豚肉とカニ肉が入っている。正直、この太麺はあんまり好みではないけれど、スープはコクがあるけれどもさっぱりしていて美味しい。サイドディッシュの生春巻き(£3.50)は、通常の材料以外にスライスした豚肉が入っていて、その塩味が隠し味となって、なかなかいける。でも個人的には、ピーナッツの入った海鮮醤(HOISIN SAUCE。中国の甘味噌)のたれより、魚醤のほうがさっぱりしていて好きなんだけれども。食後は、コンデンスミルクのたっぷり入ったベトナム風アイスコーヒー。カロリー高そうだけれど、やっぱり美味しい。

Banh Mi Bay * 4-6 Theobalds Road, Holborn, London WC1X 8PN * tel 020 7831 4079 * nearest Tube: Holborn | Chancery Lane

We went to Banh Mi Bay, newly opened Vietnamese café in Clerkenwell. I found the café when I was looking outside in the bus. It is hard to find a cute and casual Vietnamese in London, and the opening of Banh Mi Bay is welcome for us. As the name suggests, Bánh mì, a Vietnamese baguette sandwich, is their specialty, but also a variety of dishes like Phở and Bánh canh noodle soup, Bún rice vermicelli noodle salad, Com Dia (steamed rice served with meat of your choice or tofu), and a selection of appetizers such as summer rolls and spring rolls are also available, as well as deserts.

I always order Phở every time I go to a Vietnamese, but today I tried Bánh canh Thit Heo (£6, left in the photo below) for the first time. Bánh canh is half-transparent thick Vietnamese noodle that can be made from a mixture of purified rice and tapioca powder or wheat flour, and their Bánh canh is in light pork broth, with pork shoulder and some crab meat on the top (front in the photo below). I am not a big fan of the glutinous noodle, but the soup had good flavor and was quite nice. We got summer rolls as a side, and their summer rolls are made of sliced pork as well as usual ingredients inside, and it adds extra nice savory taste to the dish. But I don’t fancy thick and sweet Hoisin sauce, and I wish I had the summer rolls with fish sauce instead. The Vietnamese iced coffee with plenty of condensed milk after the meal was tasty (of course because it was sweet!), though probably very high in calories.

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