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Notes Coffee, Food & Wine or Music & Coffee?


ロンドンの中心部は、家賃が高いせいか資本力のある大規模コーヒーチェーンだらけで、美味しいコーヒーが飲める独立系カフェを見つけるのは至難の業。Notesは、このエリアで「大量生産でない」高品質のコーヒーが飲める、貴重なお店の一つ。Borough Market(バラ・マーケット)を含むロンドン5カ所で、Flat Capというコーヒー屋台を営むRob RobinsonとFabio Ferreiraが経営するNotesは、現在コヴェントガーデン、トラファルガースクウェア、北ロンドンのTileyardに3店舗有するミニ・カフェチェーン(店舗の場所)。お店の外やウェブサイトに書かれているように、コーヒー、食事、そしてワインがいただける。店名のNotesは音譜という意味もあるし、少し前のインターネット情報では「Notes Music & Coffee」と呼んでいるものもあるので、以前は音楽も売りにしていたのだろう(今も?)。Notesではまた折々、コーヒーや食、ワイン、音楽などのイベントも催されている。

ここのエスプレッソは、Square Mile Coffee Roastersの軽めに焙煎したコーヒー豆を使っているので、より繊細なフレーバーが楽しめると言う。また店内には、さまざまなフィルターコーヒーが楽しめるbrew barもある。紅茶の茶葉は、ハイクオリティなお茶を扱うLalani & Coのもの。食べ物は、旬の食材を使った手作りで、朝食からディナーまで間断なく注文できる。ハムやサラミなどのコールドミートは、イタリアやフランスの肉屋や農家から直に仕入れるThe Ham & Cheese Companyから。チーズは、毎週フランスのロワール地方に買い付けに行くというMons Cheesemongersから仕入れるなど、美味しさへのこだわりが感じられる。ワインは飲まなかったのだが、ウェブサイトによると、店内で消費するワインは、小売価格に一律£8の「corkage」(通常、飲み物を持ち込めるBYOまたはBring Your Ownの飲食店でかかる持ち込み料)がかかるだけなので、リーズナブルにワインが楽しめるそう。


Today’s topic is also from the “idea” folder (yesterday’s blog). I went this Notes cafe in Covent Garden last September, so there may be some changes since then.

Central London is the difficult place to find a good independent coffee shop, and is occupied by big coffee chains who can pay an expensive rent in the premium location. Notes is one of the few places that offer “non mass-produced” coffee in the area. Opened by Rob Robinson and Fabio Ferreira, who run five Flat Cap coffee carts throughout London including Borough Market, Notes is a mini-coffee chain that owns three cafes in Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and Tileyard in north London (see the locations). As written on its exterior and their website, Notes offers something I can’t live without: coffee (though I am a tea-drinker as well), food and wine. When I check the internet, some websites call “Notes Music & Coffee”, so I guess they offer good music as well, as its name suggests, though I didn’t notice when I was there. They also hosts variety of events related to their specialty; coffee, food, wine and music.

Their espresso is roasted by Square Mile Coffee Roasters, and Notes’ roasts are lighter to create more delicate flavours. They also have a dedicated brew bar for their rotating menu of filter coffees. Their seasonal loose leaf teas are from a boutique tea trading company of Lalani & CoFoods at Notes are seasonal and home-made, and are served throughout the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their charcuteries are supplied by The Ham & Cheese Company who source direct from butchers and farmers in Italy and France, and their cheeses are from Mons Cheesemongers who bring their produce from St Haon le Chatel in France every week. I haven’t tried their wine, but they have a unique system of a flat ‘corkage’ charge of £8 over the retail price of all wines, to allow their customers to reasonably enjoy their selection of wines.

The cafe was very relaxing, and M’s sandwich and salad were fresh and tasty, and my lightly toasted banana bread was irresistibly good. However, due to its prime location, the weekend may be a nightmare and probably you have to wait a while to be seated.



Hurwundeki Café @ Cambridge Heath Road

Hurwundeki(発音不明。ハーウンデキ??)は、鉄道のCambridge Heath(ケンブリッジ・ヒース)駅の高架下、イーストロンドンで最近お洒落になってきたエリアにある、カフェ&レストラン兼アンティークショップ。オーナーがヘアスタイリストなので、中にヘアサロンもある。前庭には乗馬型玩具やカボチャの馬車など古いおもちゃが無造作に置いてあり、外から見ると寂れた子供の遊び場という感じ。「Hurwundeki」という聞き慣れない名前も、最初はアフリカかどっかの言葉かな?と思っていたけれど、実はオーナーの出身地・韓国の済州島の方言で「髪」を意味するそう。中も外も、韓国を思わせるものは一切ないけれど、ビビンバやプルコギなど韓国料理が、クロワッサンなどの朝食、サンドイッチ、サラダ、ケーキ類、コーヒー通の好むSquare Mileのコーヒーなど、フツーの西洋風食べ物・飲み物と共にメニューに並ぶ。かなり使い古されたヴィンテージの家具やシャンデリアなどで飾られた中は広々、まったりした空気が流れていて居心地はなかなか。電車が頭上を通る時は振動・騒音もあるが、それほど気にならない。


Hurwundeki is housed in the railway arches under Cambridge Heath station in the heart of East London. From outside, it looks more like run-down children’s playground with an old toys such as ride-on horse and a pumpkin carriage on the front garden, but this is a popular café, restaurant, vintage shop + hair salon (the owner is a hair stylist). At first, I thought its unfamiliar name of ‘Hurwundeki’ is African language or something, but it is not – in fact, the word is Korean and means ‘hair’ in a dialect of Jeju Island where the owner is from. The space has nothing Korean in sight, but does have Korean dishes such as Bibimbap and Bulgogi, together with usual western breakfast, sandwiches, salad and cakes, as well as famous Square Mile coffee. The eat-in space is a bit shabby but spacious and laid back, surrounded by worn-out vintage furniture and chandeliers as well as quirky bric-a-brac. You may feel a bit of vibration and noise when a train passes by, but it’s not too annoying.

We tried their bibimbap and bulgogi for lunch, which is rare in East London, and the food was surprisingly decent as a café, not a proper Korean restaurant with table service. It would be even better if they can serve the food on a plate, not in a thin paper container with plastic lid (photo below) – it was quite hard to eat as the lid slapped my face with every bite. Eat-in drinks are served in a ceramic cup, but why not food??

ビビンバ(左)とプルコギ(右)。ちょっと胡麻をふりかけすぎかも / Bibimbap (left) and Bulgogi (right). A bit too much sesame seeds?

Kaffeine Café for Caffeine Addicts

Kaffeine caféKaffeine Café

オックスフォード・ストリートの北、FitzroviaのGreat Titchfield Streetにあるカフェ、「Kaffeine(カフェイン)」。Nude EspressoSacred CaféDose Espressoと、私のブログではお馴染みになったダウン・アンダー系カフェで、20年以上の経験を持つオーストラリア人/ニュージーランド人の経営だ。いかつい黒い外観と裏腹に、中は赤煉瓦の壁、白木造りの椅子やテーブルが、温もりを感じさせる。奥にある、白木製のシーティング・エリアも、レゴのようで可愛い。

お昼時もかなり過ぎていたので、サンドイッチはほぼ売り切れ。かろうじて、フォッカチア風のふかふかしたパンに、サーモンとチーズ、レッドオニオン、ルッコラ、ケッパーを挟んだサンドイッチをゲットできた。サーモンの風味を損なわないよう、熱すぎずほんのりと温められたサンドイッチは、カウンターから冷蔵庫に移されていた残り物(失礼!)にも関わらず、とてもフレッシュで美味しかった。コーヒーにこだわるカフェ御用達のSquare Mile Coffee Roastersから仕入れた高品質の豆を使った自慢のコーヒーも、コーヒー好きのMのお墨付き。 オックスフォード・ストリートやトッテナム・コート・ロードから少し歩くけれど、カフェマニアなら行く価値あり。

Kaffeine‘ is a café on Great Titchfield Street in Fitzrovia, north of busy Oxford Street. The café is owned by Australian/New Zealander with over 20-year experience in the industry – another Down Under cafe in my blog as  Nude EspressoSacred CaféDose Espresso. On the contrary to the strong black exterior, inside is rather warm and cosy with red brick wall and white wood chairs. The seating areas on the back, also made of white woods, are like Lego blocks and very cute.

It was late afternoon when we went to Kaffeine, and there were only three sandwiches left. We got Focaccia sandwiches with smoke salmon, cream cheese, red onions and cappers. The gently warmed up sandwich, in order not to harm the texture and flavor of smoke salmon, was very fresh and nice, though these were the last ones and were already moved from the counter to the fridge. Their signature coffee, supplied by coffee-lover’s favorite Square Mile Coffee Roasters, was promising. You have to walk a bit from Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, but if you are a cafe lover, Kaffeine really deserves to make a little trip.

Kaffeine Café

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Dose Espresso Café @ Barbican/Smithfield

Dose Espresso CafeDose Espresso Cafe

地下鉄Barbican駅からLong LaneをSmithfield Marketの方向に向かって数分のところにあるカフェ、Dose EspressoSacred CafeNude Espressoと同様、またまたニュージーランド人経営の、客が2組も入ればいっぱいになる小さなカフェだけれど、シドニーとロンドンで7年以上経験を積んだバリスタであるオーナーの、コーヒーや食べ物に関するこだわりは強い。愛用のLa Marzocco FB-80は、フィレンツェで手作りされたエスプレッソ・マシーンの最高級品。コーヒーは、品質に定評のあるSquare Mile Coffee Roastersから、生産者の待遇や栽培方法に極力配慮したコーヒー豆を仕入れている。サンドイッチやサラダ、ポリッジ等は手作り。オーガニックの材料を使って石釜で焼かれたパンはBorn and Bread Bakeryから、キッシュ、スープ、スウィーツはTime Out誌での評価も高いBea’s of Bloomsburyから仕入れている。今回Mはモッツァレラとトマトのサンドイッチを、私はバナナのパウンドケーキを頼んだ(photo)。残念ながらサンドイッチはMのお気に召さなかったらしいが、温めてバターを少しのせたパウンドケーキは、ダウンアンダー系のカフェにつきもののFlat Whiteの苦みと良く合って、とてもおいしかった。Mのデザートのマッチ箱サイズの小型フィナンシェも絶品、ちょっと甘いものを食べたい時にぴったり(photo)。ただ木の椅子とプラスティック製のスツールは、座り心地が良くないのが残念。まあ、小さい店なので、長居せず、次の客に席を譲れということなのだろう。可愛いメニューボードも必見。

Dose Espresso is small on Long Lane, few minutes walk from Barbican tube station toward Smithfield Market. Like Sacred Cafe and Nude Espresso, another Kiwi-owned tiny café with few seats, but the owner’s passion for coffee and food deserves to be acknowledged. The owner is an experienced barista who had worked over 7 years in Sydney and London, and his La Marzocco FB-80 is the top quality espresso machine handmade in Florence. Their coffee is ethically sourced, carefully roasted and delivered in reusable buckets from Square Mile Coffee Roasters, which specialise in finding the best coffee beans from around the world. Sandwiches, salads and porridges are homemade. Their organic bread are baked in wood fired oven and comes from artisan bakery Born and Bread. The quiches, soups and sweets are delivered from Bea’s of Bloomsbury, highly rated café/bakery by Time Out. M ordered Mozzrella and tomato sandwich, and I ordered Banana cake and Flat White, which is a must at “down under” café (photo).  The sandwich unfortunately wasn’t nominated in M’s list of the best sandwich in town (M said it was blunt – maybe it was almost the end of the day?), but my banana cake, warmed and topped with some butter, was excellent and perfect with bitter Flat White. M’s desert, matchbox size friands was delicious as well, and perfect to satisfy your sugar craze while you are on diet (photo). I don’t call their wooden chairs and plastic stools are the most comfortable seats, but I guess that we have to give up the seat for a next guest as soon as we finish our food or coffee, due to their limited space. Must see their cute menu board, before you leave.

アップデート/UPDATE on May 13, 2011

* Dose Espresso Caféは最近、数軒先のKipferlがあった場所に引っ越し、少し広くなった。

* Dose Espresso Café recently moved to few steps away where Kipferl used to locate, and became a bit bigger.

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