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Streetcar – Car Sharing

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M had a ‘I WANT A CAR!!’ attack recently, and started to research what car to buy — but I was not sure if practical. We don’t have a secure car parking at our apartment, and I don’t want to park on the street. I never thought that we need a car, as we live in central London, and we can go anywhere with our Vespa. Also we can rent a car anytime when we travel. But M insisted so much to have a car, and we were seriously considering to buy it  (his favorite was a new Fiat 500), then we found a perfect compromise — Streetcar car sharing. I was looking for a rent-a-car company around here for our trip to Cottswolds, and happened to find that there are several Streetcar locations around our apartment. With Streetcar, we don’t need a parking space nor cost related to maintain a car, and can use a car whenever we need it.

We registered with Streetcar. Annual fees are £59.50 for primary driver + £29.75 for a partner = £89.25. Membership includes comprehensive insurance but you can pay extra to lower excess. You can reserve a car either on internet or over the phone. We had to make a phone call to reserve an automatic car, as I am not confident in driving manual (manual car is dominant in Europe). Cars at Streetcar are solely Volkswagen (and we love VW!). Prices for renting are £3.95/£5.95 (per hour) or £39.50/£49.50 (per day). Mileage is free up to 30 miles a day, and extra mileage will be charged for 23p per mile. Therefore it is cost more if you go far, than driving nearby. You don’t have to lengthy process of check in/check out, like other rent-a-car companies. Touch in with your Streetcard (in the photo above) on the card reader to unlock the car, and get the keys by entering your PIN on the hand-held terminal in the glovebox. After checking the car for any damage, off you go. You can contact Streetcar with the hand-held terminal, if necessary. You don’t have to pay gas but use the car’s fuel card which is accepted at all major petrol station.

Although the extra mileage cost more than we expected, Streetcar was easy and convenient, and the condition of the car was good. It is going to be a perfect time to travel in England soon. We tend to go other European countries for our vacation so far, but we’ll definitely travel more in the UK as well, with Streetcar.

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