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Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary Modernist @ Tate Modern

Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary Modernist」(9月22日まで)は、アフリカン・モダニズムにスポットを当てた、Tate Modern初の展覧会。ニューヨークにあるMuseum for African Artがテートモダンの協力のもとにオーガナイズした、このスーダン人アーティスト・Ibrahim El-Salahiの大規模回顧展では、アフリカン/アラブモダニズムの重鎮である彼の、50年以上に及ぶ100点の作品を展示している。

イスラム教、アフリカ、アラブ世界、そして西洋アートを融合した、スーダンのモダンアートの先駆けとして知られるEl-Salahiは、50年代にスーダンとロンドンにあるSlade School of Fine Artでアートを学ぶ。1957年にスーダンに帰国、その後カタールを経て、1990年代以降はイングランドに居住しているそう。


Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary Modernist (until Sep 22)  is the first Tate Modern exhibition, dedicated to African Modernism. Organised by the New York’s Museum for African Art in association with Tate Modern, this major retrospective of Sudanese artist Ibrahim El-Salahi brings together 100 works from over 50 years of his career, and highlights one of the most significant figures in African and Arab Modernism.

El-Salahi studied art in Sudan and at the Slade School of Fine Art in London in the 1950’s. He returned to Sudan in 1957 but lived in Qatar before settled in England in the 1990s. He is considered a pioneer in Sudanese art with his integration of Islamic, African, Arab and Western artistic traditions.
Though El-Salahi’s work is not really my taste to be honest, but I enjoyed seeing his distinctive paintings: exotic and imaginative, and original and impactful. I’ve never seen the major exhibition of an African artist, but it is exciting to see more of the art from different area of the world in the near future, as the African continent has been experiencing rapid economic growth.


I happened to see the artist, taking a photo with his family or friends