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J+A Café @ Clerkenwell

J+A caféは、小さな路地で結ばれた、Clerkenwell Road(クラーケンウェル・ロード)とGreat Sutton Street(グレート・サットン・ストリート)の間の中庭の、ビクトリア朝時代の元ダイアモンド切断工場内にある。むき出しの赤レンガ壁に中古の木製の家具、天井から吊り下げられた丸いランプシェードに囲まれた、「traditional family values and good old-fashioned hospitality(伝統的な家族の価値観と古き良き時代のホスピタリティ)」がコンセプトのこのカフェは、田舎の食堂のように懐かしい感じで、居心地がいい。外の席も、道路に面していないので静かだし、排気ガスも気にせずゆっくり落ち着ける。



J+A café is located on the ground floor of former Victorian diamond-cutting factory, in a courtyard between Clerkenwell Road and Great Sutton Street, accessed via a small alleyway. Inspired by “traditional family values and good old-fashioned hospitality”, the space with red brick walls, secondhand wooden furniture, and hanging silver lump shades, is cozy and warm, resembling rustic country diner. Outside seating area is calm and quiet as the café is not facing to any street, and you don’t have to worry about inhaling fumes from cars.

J+A claims to believe in “healthy and wholesome home-cooking and baking”, using simple recipes and fresh produce (as any other popular cafés in London). They offers breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch. Breakfasts are British regular comfort foods including English breakfast, omelette, and pancake, whereas the lunch menu offers more variety such as daily specials of pie or stew, soup, quiche or Tartlet,  and baked potato, as well as regular sandwiches and salads.

On our first visit, we ordered Club Sandwich and daily sandwich special with lamb. Chicken, bacon and lamb were a bit dry and were hard to swallow without a help of water. I wish the bread was toasted as well. I can’t judge their food with only one visit, but I have to say that I wouldn’t order these two dishes again… Food was disappointing on the day, but J+A is the perfect place for a cup of tea or coffee on a nice + warm day (though maybe a bit dark on a bad weather).