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Takeaway/Delivery Food Revolution

先週末のThe Sunday Times(サンデー・タイムズ)付録の雑誌「STYLE」の記事によると、イギリスでは今、テークアウト&デリバリー革命が起きているという(タイムズのオンライン記事は有料なのでリンク不可)。少し大げさな表現だけれど、かつてデリバリーやテークアウトと言えば、ピザやチャイニーズ、ケバブと言ったチープで不健康な食べ物というイメージがあったが、不況の影響か、最近ハイクオリティ・フードも市場に参入してきた。The Ivy、Le Caprice、Scott’sなどを展開する高級レストラングループのCaprice Holdingsは最近テークアウトをも始め、その値段はレストラン価格の3分の1ほどだという。また、日本食の有名店・Nobuも、持ち帰り用手作り寿司ボックス(12人分£528.75!)を今月から始める。コンテンポラリー・アジアン・レストランXOは、近くにあるデリXO to GOで、温めるだけの持ち帰りメニューを扱う。



I read the article about recent changes in take-out/delivery food market in UK on the last weekend’s Sunday Times ‘STYLE’ magazine (I can’t link the article as the Times charges you to read online article). Before, takeaway food meant cheap and often unhealthy food such as pizza, Chinese and Kebab, but now high quality food is also available on the market, as byproduct of the recent recession. Caprice Holdings fine-dining chain that owns The Ivy, Rivington Grill, Le Caprice and Scott’s, now offers their food for takeaway, with the the price of a third of the restaurants’. Posh Japanese Nobu launches takeaway Tedukuri (=make your own) Sushi Box (£528.75!! For up to 12 people) this month. Contemporary pan-Asian restaurant XO sells “Ready to Heat” food at a nearby deli XO to GO.

On the other hand, Housebites.com, just started few days ago, offers a unique system to connect customers and chefs in the local area. The system is simple; enter your postcode, browse and choose from the menus by chef in your area as well as delivery slot, and pay online. That’s it. Just wait your food to arrive at your doorstep. These ‘chef’ can be experienced professional chef or just a great cook providing delicious meals to friends and family. Click a photo, and you will get the chef’s profile and customers’ review, though there in almost no reviews now because the service is just started. I put my postcode as a test. I got 3 chefs around my area – paellas cooked by one of them looked delicious.

I am already a stay-at-home type, and if I can have even meals prepared by professional at home, I would never go out!!