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London’s Train Stations Modernised



London’s grand make-over is almost finished before the Olympic starting this Friday, including train and underground stations. One of London’s major rail stations, King’s Cross‘s new semi-circular departures concourse with a radius of 54m was opened to the public on March 19 (first photo / more details). Blackfriars station became the first railway station to span the Thames river, and there are entrance on both sides of the river on the north (middle photo) and the south at Bankside, which is a gateway to Tate Modern (more details). In February 20, Blackfriars Tube station has reopened after nearly three years of renovation project (BBC news). Farringdon station in Clerkenwell is currently undergoing the major building work of both the Thameslink Programme and Crossrail network connecting east and west of London. In December 2011, a new ticket hall dedicated to Thameslink and future Crossrail passengers opened. From 2018 when Thameslink Programme and Crossrail are scheduled for completion, Farrindon will be the only station where Thameslink, Crossrail and Underground services meet.

Modernising the stations doesn’t mean trouble-free. With heat-wave affecting London this week has caused some disruptions to rail networks (reference: Telegraph). It is predicted the major disruption to London’s already crowded travel network during the Olympic, and hope there wouldn’t be any further problem to give more frustration to grumpy Londoners!