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Ennio Morricone @ Royal Albert Hall


モリコーネはイギリスでも名が知られているらしく、このコンサートも最上階の立ち見席(立ち見席でも£40もする)を除いて、チケットは売り切れ。私たちは数日前にチケットを買ったものだから、後ろのコーラス席しか席が取れなかったけれど、このコーラス席がなかなか掘り出し物。オーケストラ(The Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra)の裏側で、ステージに近く、演奏が間近に見える。指揮をしていたモリコーネの顔も見れたし、すぐ斜め前ではコーラスを務めたThe Crouch End Festival Chorusが歌っていて、迫力満点。この日は、セルジオ・レオーネの作品をはじめ、モリコーネの代表作を披露、アンコールも数曲ついて、拍手、口笛、地団駄と満員の観客も大喜びで、かなり盛り上がった。

私たちがロンドンでモリコーネのコンサートに行ったのは2度目。前回も同じくロイヤル・アルバート・ホールで、2007年11月のモリコーネの75歳の誕生日の記念コンサートだった。モリコーネも今年で82歳。矍鑠としていて、歳を感じさせない指揮ぶりだったけれど、もうロンドンではコンサートは見れない気がする。ちなみに私たちがロイヤル・アルバート・ホールに行ったのも、この2回のみ。家から遠いから、スケジュールを気にかけていなかった。椅子は座り心地が悪いし、前の席とのスペースも小さいけれど、やっぱりロンドンを代表するホールは、格式があっていい。今年は、ロンドンの夏の風物詩・プロムス(The Proms)にでも行ってみようかな。

We went to Italian composer Ennio Morricone‘s concert at Royal Albert Hall on April 10th. Considered as one of the most influential film composers, Morricone has composed and arranged scores for more than 500 film and television productions. Morricone is known for his characteristic film scores of Sergio Leone‘s Spaghetti Westerns such as A Fistful of DollarsThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West, but also wrote film scores for other popular movies like Exorcist II: The HereticBrian De Palma‘s The Untouchables, Giuseppe Tornatore‘s tear jerking Cinema ParadisoHe received the Honorary Academy Award in 2007 for his magnificent and multifaceted contributions to the art of film music, but he has never won any Academy Awards for Best Music, though he has been nominated for five times. He was the second composer to receive this award after its introduction in 1928.

It seems that Morricone is pretty much loved in UK as well, and the tickets were sold out as of the day before the concert, except standing seats on the top floor (and it cost £40!). We bought our tickets few days before the concert and there were only few Chorus seats left. However, these seats we got were not bad at all. It was on the back of the orchestra (The Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra) and we could see the performance quite well. Morricone was facing to us and the Crouch End Festival Chorus, the Choir of the night, was singing just in front of us. In the concert, Morricone performed his classic film soundtracks, including some of Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns, as well as several encore scores such as tear-jerking New Cinema Paradise. The concert was quite successful and audiences were excited – clapping hands, whistling, and stamping at the end.

This was the second time that we went to Morricone’s concert. The last time was at the Royal Albert Hall as well, in November 2003, for his 75th birthday memorial concert. He is going to be 82 years old this year, and though he was in a quite good shape but I am afraid that we may not be able to see him here in London again. This was also the second time to come to the Royal Albert Hall, as the hall is a bit far from home and we didn’t check the schedule much. But the hall is magnificent and love to come back more often, though their seats are not comfortable and the legroom is small for modern men’s body size. Maybe try to come for annual summer concert series the Proms this year.


A long queue for a drink during an intermission. Though the hall was full, there was only one person working behind each counter. People were patiently waiting for their turn, as British are quite used to queuing. M always complains that it is like a bakery during Soviet Union era.

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