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2012 Olympic Tickets Application Deadline





Hot and sunny Easter Holiday is over now, and London gets back to normal cool spring with usual white sky.

According to today’s news, the six-week application period for 2012 London Olympic tickets will be over at the end of today, and there has been a last minute surge in ticket sales since last Easter weekend. We don’t have any game in mind to see live, but applied the tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies via London 2012 official website, for fun (photo below. I blackened 2 digits for safety). Probably we won’t get it as demand is extremely high, but just trying.

6.6million tickets are available for 650 sessions across 26 sports and 17 days, with prices from £20.12 to £2,012, to be associated with year 2012. Tickets on strong demand are for ceremonies, athletics, swimming, rowing and track cycling (last two are UK’s strongholds). However,  there has also been heavy demand for finals for less popular events. Applications for over-subscribed events will go into a ballot, and applicants will be told whether or not they are successful by June 24.

However, nothing is criticism-free in UK. There is no guidelines available about how many tickets are allocated in each price band, and people apply more than they want to secure the tickets. Successful applicants will be charged on their registered credit cards (only VISA, the sponsor of the olympic) after ballot, but can’t return unwanted tickets to the organisers until next year. There are full of comments on Twitter from such people worrying that they would be in a financial trouble if they would win all the tickets they applied. Good luck to them…