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More Olympic Tickets To Go On Sale

売り切れとされていた人気の試合でさえ空席が目立つ試合もあったと批判されたことを受け、ロンドンオリンピック委員会は、国際競技連盟など関係者・団体と交渉して、配布された未販売・未使用のチケットを回収、再販することにしたと発表した(詳細)。今後もこれらチケット保持者と交渉を行いなるべく多くのチケットを回収、それらのチケットは毎日オリンピック公式サイトで販売されるそう(ガーディアン紙 / テレグラフ紙)。


After the empty seats ordeal at the Olympic games (some of which were filled with soldiers in uniform – didn’t look good at all!), London 2012 Olympic organisers have announced that unsold and unused tickets allocated to international sports federations are collected, and go on sale on the London 2012 website every day from now (the Guardian / the Telegraph).

I had almost given up to see the Olympic with my own eyes as I tried to buy a ticket on the Olympic ticket site but to no avail, and have been just watching on TV. However, I checked the website again after I saw the news, and there were many tickets of interesting games suddenly appeared that I’ve never seen before! Many of the tickets were more expensive classes, and the system didn’t work well as I assume that many people were trying to grab the tickets at the same time, but I managed to buy some finals with one of them for the game at the Olympic Park  (I wanted to experience the festive atmosphere at the main Olympic Park during the Games). Now I am so thrilled!!


Vue Cinemas offer @ Lastminute.com

lastminute.com offer

ミッキー・ローク主演の「レスラー」を見に行こうと思って、ネットを検索していて見つけたのが、大手オンライン旅行サイト・lastminute.comのDays out割引ページ。Vue Cinema (イギリスのシネコン映画館チェーン)のチケットが1枚4.99ポンド。Vue Cinemaは、近所のIslingtonにもあるので、たまに利用する。利用可能日が月〜木曜日、当日午後4時までの予約と多少の制約はあるが、通常でチケットは9.70ポンドするので超お得だ。


I was looking for a information to see a Mickey Rourke‘s movie ‘The Wrestler‘, and found the discount movie ticket offer on lastminute.com. An adult ticket costs only £4.99 at Vue Cinema (British Cinema Complex chain). We go once in a while since there is one in our neighbor Islington. There is some restrictions like you can only use from Mon to Friday, and have to purchase the ticket before 4pm on your chosen day. But it is a big discout, as normal adult ticket costs £9.70.

lastminute.com was founded in UK in 1998. At this moment, it has also the sites in 10 European countries, USA, New Zealand, and Australia, outside UK. There was one in Japan as well, but it failed in 2006…I don’t know why. They deal with not only flight tickets, hotel reservation, package holidays, citybreaks, and rent-a-car, but also anything related to travel, such as spa, theater, restaurant, gift etc. Among other travel websites, I fancy the web design of lastminute.com with vivid pink x black.

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