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Rosa’s Thai Restaurant @ Shoreditch

Rosa's Thai RestaurantRosa's Thai Restaurant

Rosa’sは、イーストロンドンのSpitalfields Marketと有名なカレー街・Brick Lane(ブリックレーン)の間にある、こじんまりしたキュートなタイレストラン。Rosa’sのいうネーミング、また赤く塗られた門構えと、北欧風のシンプルな木製の家具に赤いランプシェードのインテリアは、タイレストランというよりも、モダンなカフェという感じ。Time Out Londonでは、「見た目がよくリーズナブルなタイレストラン」で5つ星(最高6つ星)と高い評価をとっている。

前に一度行った時は、なかなか美味しいと思ったんだけれど、今回はちょっと今イチ。Fresh Spring Rolls(生春巻き)は、ソースが激甘、Pad Thai(パッタイ)もちょっと甘ったるい。Spaghetti Khee Maow Ta Lae(タイ風シーフードスパゲッティ、グリーンカレー風味)はお味は良かったけれど、アルデンテではなく柔らかすぎた。Mの元彼女はタイ人で、タイ料理にはちょっとうるさい。彼女がよく作っていたタイ風スパゲッティは超アルデンテだったそうだ(イタリアのパスタより硬かったらしい)。でも、Tom Yam(トムヤム)スープはおいしかった。お味はミシュラン星並とは言わないけれど、レストラン自体は素敵で居心地もいいし(ロンドンのタイレストランにしては珍しい)、サービスもまずまず。また行きたくなるレストランです。



Rosa’s is a small cute Thai restaurant in East London, in between Spitalfields Market and famous curry street Brick Lane. It doesn’t look like an usual Thai restaurant, with its name ‘Rosa’s’, red painted entrance, and Scandinavian style simple interior with wooden furniture and red light shades – but more like a modern cafe. Time Out London gives Rosa’s five stars (out of six) as ‘Good-looking, low-budget Thai’.

We thought it was not bad at all last time we went to Rosa’s, but this time was a little disappointing. The sauce for Fresh Spring Rolls was ultra-sweet, and Pad Thai noodle was a bit too sweet as well. Spaghetti Khee Maow Ta Lae (Thai style seafood spaghetti with green curry sauce) was not al dente but too mushy. M’s ex was Thai and he is pretty picky for Thai food. Thai spaghetti she cooked quite a lot was super al dente (even harder than Italian one), and he thinks hers is better. Well, but Tom Yam soup was yummy at least. I don’t call Rosa’s a Michelin star level, but the restaurant itself is nice and comfortable (which is a rarity for Thai restaurant), and service was pleasant – that make us want to go back again.

<UPDATE: October 20, 2009>

We went to Rosa’s after a long time, but we had a problem with their service. We went there around 9:30 pm. It was not full, but they asked us to share the table with other people, though there was a empty table for four, because we were only two of us. The empty table was never occupied since then, as we went there a bit late, and one of the waiters was sitting there instead. Then we moved to the other table when a group of customers left. The table was dirty, but the waiters never cleaned and tried to put our dishes on the top of it – I pushed the dishes away and requested to clean up, but another waitress put another dish on it again!! I complained, but she was unapologetic and pretended like cleaning up only a small piece of the table with dry cloth (didn’t clean well with dry cloth!),  and left. I thought Thai are hardworking people, but maybe they do as Brits do here in UK (I see dirty tables all the time in British cafés and restaurants, strangely)…

Rosa's Thai Restaurant