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Rise of Posh Pop and Rock Musicians


この記事は、良家の子女が現在、ポップやロック界に幅を利かせつつある理由をいくつか挙げている。一つは、育ちの良い彼らはマナーがよく丁寧で好ましく、世界最大の音楽市場で、才能や態度と同時にマナーの良さが重要であるアメリカ進出に役立つから。だから、「バッド・ボーイ」的イメージの労働者階級出身の人気バンド、Oasis(オアシス)やArctic Monkeys(アークティック・モンキーズ)はアメリカで成功できなかった、と結論づけている。また良家の子女が通うパブリック・スクール(私立学校)は、勤勉をモットーとし、これもまた、勤勉さが尊重されるアメリカでの成功に役立つと言う。エリート教育によって培われる自信も、ステージに立つ上で重要だ。



I read an interesting article on today’s the Times – there are more musicians and singers from posh families emerging in Pop and Rock music industry. Rock has been historically resistant to the upper classes, and during 1960s and the 1990s when working-class pop stars dominated hit charts, rock and pop stars were the dream and hope of the poor boys and girls, while it was disdain and derision for the privileged kids who already has many options in their futures. Therefore, pop stars from good families once tried to hide their background. But now the time has changed.

The article mentions several reasons for a rise of posh pop stars. One of the reasons is that posh kids are brought up with good manners to make through the stardom: they are polite, friendly, likeable, and this help them become popular also in the world-biggest music market America, where good manners are judges as well as talent and attitude. That’s the reason why Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, top working-class stars with a bad-boy attitude, couldn’t succeed big in the USA, according to the article. Public schools‘ value in strong work ethic is another key to success in America, where hard working is very important. Confidence that public schools students internalize through the elitist education is crucial factor for success on stage.

Another reason is that public schools have great facilities, and there is a tradition that new boys have choral tests. Old public school teachers once considered rock music as silly and childish folly, but younger teachers who grew up with rock and pop music now see it as one of the valid career option and encourage students to go for music.

Now Tory, traditionally supported by middle/upper class, won the last election and Etonian and Oxford grad elite David Cameron became a prime minister. Public School graduates, about only 7% of the population, occupy over 50% of prestigious jobs such as lawyers, medics, journalists and CEOs (reference site) , and the result still shows UK is still strong class society. If the posh kids even monopoly music industry, where poor kids can find their goals and dreams?

写真は全てパブリック・スクール出身のシンガー。上からFlorence And The MachineFlorence WelchLily Allenリリー・アレン)、Alan Pownall

Photos are all of public school singers. From top to bottom: Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine, Lily Allen, and Alan Pownall.

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