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Organic Vegetable Box by Abel&Cole


毎週水曜日、Abel&Coleというオーガニック食品宅配会社から野菜の詰め合わせとスパークリングウォーター6本が配達される。重い野菜と水(Mはスパークリングウォーターなしでは生きていけません!)を買いに行かなくてもいいのでとても便利。私は、Essential Organic Veg Box(旬の野菜8種類、£11.95、2〜3人家族用)とSmall Mixed Organic Fruit & Veg Box(旬の野菜5種類とフルーツ3種類、£10.95、1人用)を1週間交代で注文。今週のEssential Organic Veg Boxは、にんじん、カリフラワー、リーク(Leeks、大型のネギ)、マッシュルーム、じゃがいも、ズッキーニ、アボカド、そしてパースニップ(Parsnips、白っぽい、にんじんのような野菜)だった。普段は野菜8種類なのですが、今日は間違えて1品多く入っていた。ラッキー!


We receive a box of organic vegetables and 6 bottles of sparkling water from Abel&Cole, an organic grocer for delivery, on every Wednesday morning. It is very convenient so that I don’t have to carry heavy veg and water (M cannot live without sparkling water) back home. We order an Essential Organic Veg Box (feeds 2-3 people, £11.95, includes 8 seasonal veg) and Small Mixed Organic Fruit & Veg Box (feeds 1 person, £10.95, 5 veg and 3 fruits in the box) delivered alternately. This week box includes carrots, cauliflower, leeks, mushrooms, parsnips, potatoes, white onions, avocados, and zucchinis. We received 9 veg instead of 8 this week by mistake – today is a lucky day!

I am not a big fan of veg, but it forces me to eat veg so I continue the delivery for my health. You can register dislikes and likes – they can remove your dislikes from the box and add likes whenever possible. It is more difficult to consume all the veg in the winter as we don’t like British winter veg much, and I sometimes force M to finish all (sorry – but good for him!!). When I receive veg that I have never had and have no clue how to cook, so I check up the internet recipes but often fail to make edible food… I will talk more about British veg later in my blog.

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