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Italian Deli in Clerkenwell Road 2: Veneticus

昨日書いたTerroni(テローニ)から東へ少し行くと、もう一軒の大きなイタリアン・デリ、Veneticus(ベネティクス。Google Translateで調べると、ラテン語で「ベネチアの/ベネチア人」の意)がある。100年以上の歴史を誇るTerroniに比べ、2010年の中頃にオープンした(と思う)Veneticusは、まだまだ赤ん坊だけれど、レベルは同等。


Veneticusではランチしていないが、手作りケーキとコーヒーの「afternoon tea」セット(£3.50)を頂いた。ここのお菓子類はとても美味しそうで、実際美味しかった。サービスで出された焼きたてのカントゥッチも、コーヒーや紅茶に浸して柔らかくしなくても食べられるほどサクッとしていて(歯が折れそうになる位固いのも。新鮮なのは柔らかい?)、素朴なうまさ。シェフがトレーに山盛りにされた作りたてのスウィーツを次々と運んで来るのを見ていると、全部試してみたくなる。そしてエスプレッソも絶品。M曰くロンドンでトップクラスだとのこと。


97-99 Clerkenwell Road London EC1R 5BX
Tel: 0203 490 2218

Few steps towards west from Terroni, there is another large Italian delicatessen called Veneticus (=”Venetian” in Latin, if Google Translate works properly). In compare to over 100-year old Terroni, Veneticus is like a baby, just opened sometime in mid 2010 or so, but the quality is as equally high as Terroni.

The store offers everything people want from Italian deli, with Italian hospitality – food freshly made in the in-house kitchen such as lasagna, arancini (fried rice balls), made-to-order panini from charcuterie counter, dolci (sweets) and gelati, as well as imported packaged food and wines.

We didn’t have lunch but just had their homemade cake and coffee, together for £3.50 as an “afternoon tea” set. To be honest, their dolci look very good and tasted good as well, including sample cantucci just came out from the oven which is soft enough for a bite without dipping it in coffee or tea (some are very hard and can break your teeth! Maybe fresh one is softer). I couldn’t keep my eyes off from a chef going back and forth, bringing plateful of his beautiful creations. And their espresso was perfect – M thinks it is one of the best in town.

If I have to compare Terroni and Veneticus, the products they sell as well as friendliness of the staffs are neck-and-neck. I like Terroni’s interior as it is more cheerful and chic. I can’t talk about food much, as I didn’t try Veneticus for lunch, to be fair, but their arancino we had for take away was yummy. For pastries, I definitely prefer Veneticus to Terroni! I should try their gelato when gets hot.