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CABWISE advertising campaign: Know what you’re getting into

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ロンドンのタクシーには、Black Cab(ブラック・キャブ、正式名称Hackney carriagesハックニー・キャリッジ)以外に、Minicab(ミニ・キャブ)と呼ばれる、プライベート・ハイヤー業者(ライセンス要)がある。「流し運行」が許可されているブラック・キャブに対し、ミニキャブ利用の際は、法律で事前予約が必要。それでも週末のナイトクラブやバー等の外には、認可を受けていない、または認可を受けていても予約なしに路上で客を拾う、違法ミニキャブがたむろしており、それらの運転手による女性客へのレイプが問題となっている。ロンドン交通局や警察の広告キャンペーンの効果もあって、2003年には5人に1人が違法ミニキャブを利用していたのに対し、今では20人に1人弱までに減少。性的暴行も07-08年度の120件からは減少しているものの、2008-9年の被害は93件に上っており、月平均8人もの女性が被害にあっているという。


Now in mid-December and in the height of party season, I often see this CABWISE advertising campaign on TV, newspapers or at the bus stops. It is so real and terrifying as a woman myself, and I would think the campaign is successful to alert women about the problem of illegal minicabs

There are 2 types of taxicabs in London: Hackney carriages (Black cabs) and Private hire (Minicabs). Black cabs can be flagged-down in the street or hired from a taxi rank. Minicabs must have a license issued by the Public Carriage Office, and cannot be hailed in the street and must be pre-booked. Though it is illegal, there are some illegal minicabs, with no pre-booking and with or without license, waiting for the possible customers outside nightclubs and bars, especially on weekends, and the sexual attacks on female customers by these illegal minicab drivers is a serious concern in London. Thanks to a series of advertising campaigns these years, the number of women using illegal cabs has fallen from 1 in 5 in 2003 to fewer than 1 in 20. However, the Met still recorded 93 minicab-related sexual offences in 2008-9, although that was down from 120 the previous year – which means that still average of 8 women a month become a victim of such crimes.

This year again, a new cinema, TV and poster campaign has been launched, under the name of Mayor of London together with Metropolitan Police, City of London Police, and Transport for London, urging women to use official minicabs or black cabs during the Christmas party season. The campaign also encourage people to use CABWISE, launched in 2006: text CAB to 60835 to get the numbers of one taxi and two licensed minicab firms, in the area you are texting from using GPS. Now more and more Londoners get to know about CABWISE and use the system, thanks to the campaigns. Police will also target touting hotspots and illegal minicab drivers, but please be careful everyone!

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