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Wahaca Southbank Experiment @ Southbank

ロンドンで人気のメキシカン・ストリート・フードのチェーン、Wahaca(ワハカ)が、18ヶ月の期間限定でサウスバンクセンターに今年7月にオープンさせたのが、このWahaca Southbank Experiment



Popular Mexican street food restaurant Wahaca opened a funky temporary venue Wahaca Southbank Experiment, running at Southbank Centre for 18 months from July 2012.

It’s built from 8 recycled shipping containers arranged to create an interlinked open space on 2 levels which house a restaurant as well as a tequila bar with panoramic river views. The walls were decorated with colourful ‘Mexicana’ graffiti by two graffiti artists, Saner and Remed. Every month new special menus are introduced and the most popular of which makes it onto the regular menu in all Wahaca restaurants.

We went there on hot & sunny day at the end of July, and it was quite nice sitting next to the opened windows, though I am afraid it is too cold now to open the windows or to sit outside except hard-core smokers. On the day, the restaurant was busy and staffs were overwhelmed, therefore service was very slow, but their food was fresh and yummy enough to improve our mood.

熱々のタコスとブリート / Tacos & Burrito


Burrito @ Tortilla, Southbank Mix


最近、ロンドンでは、メキシコ料理のファーストフード、Burritoブリート)が人気だ。チキン、ビーフ、ライス・豆類、野菜類と、カウンターで好きな具をオーダーして、目の前トルティーヤに包んでくれる、ファーストフードスタイルがの店が多い。ピザ、ハンバーガー、寿司などと同様に、手軽にお腹を満たせるのが、新しい物好きで忙しいロンドンナーに人気の理由か。ブリート大好きMと、ロンドンで試したブリートは、Mucho MasBenito’s HatEl BurritoChilangoTortillaMexicaliWahaca等々。写真はテート・モダン近くの、Southbank MixにあるTortillaのもの。残念ながら、ブリートのメッカのアメリカはニューヨークで6年間を過ごした私たちがうなるほどのブリートはあまりない。トラファルガー広場に近いWahacaは、広々とした、キッチュでカラフルな店内で、お味もまあまあだが、席に座ってウェイターを待つスタイルなのが、私たちにとってはちょっと難点。私のお気に入りは、あまり知られていないが、Goswell Roadにある、Comida MexicanaのGround Beef Burrito。ぱりっとしたトルティーヤにジューシーな牛挽肉とほかほかの黒豆と共に、トマトサルサ、スパイシーソース、サワークリームの3種類のソースが出てくる。ブルガリア人が経営する、イタリアン、メキシカン、サンドイッチ等、なんでもありの不思議なお店で、家の近くなので偶然通りかかって発見した。正直、他のメニューはあまり美味しそうじゃないけれど、このブリートはお薦め。

Recently Mexican fast food Burrito is becoming popular in London.  The most common way here is that you choose what you like (chicken, beef, rice, beans, vegetables etc) at the counter, and they can wrap them in Tortilla in front of you. The reason of its popularity is probably because you can order and eat quickly, like pizza, hamburger and sushi – perfect for busy Londoners who like something new. I tried many burrito with big burrito-fan M at Mucho Mas, Benito’s Hat, El Burrito, Chilango, Tortilla, Mexicali, Wahaca etc. The photos are of the Tortilla at Southbank Mix, next Tate Modern. However, not many burrito woe us, who spent 6 year in New York (M spent almost half of his life in the US), where burrito is one of their national food. We like Wahaca, spacious and colorful restaurant near Trafalger Square, and their decent Mexican food, but you have to sit down and wait for the waiter at the table. My favorite one is a ground beef burrito at Comida Mexicana on Goswell Road- crispy tortilla with juicy ground beef and hot black beans, served with salsa, spicy sauce, and sour cream. We found the place when we were passing by, since it was nearby our flat. The Comida Mexicana is a sort of strange place, owned by Bulgarian, serves all kind of food like Italian, sandwiches, English breakfast etc – to be honest, I wouldn’t order other dishes there, but this burrito is the best for me in London (though M doesn’t agree with me).

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