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Delicious Gelato @ Sardo Cucina, Fitzrovia

サルデーニャ料理専門レストラン・Sardoの隣にあるイタリアンデリ&カフェ、Sardo Cucina(サルド・クッチーナ)。2010年12月に、トッテナムコートロードと平行するWhitfield Street(ウィットフィールド・ストリート)とGrafton Way(グラフトン・ウェイ)の交差点にオープンした。


Italian deli & café Sardo Cucina stands side by side with Sardinian restaurant Sardo, the owner of the café, opened in December 2010 at the corner of Whitfield Street, pararel to Tottenham Court Road, and Grafton Way.

Ready-made pasta, pizza slices, sandwiches, and pastries are on display at the counter. But today was quite hot with its highest temperature around 30° (which is rare in London), and we jumped on gelato for cool. We got vanilla and pistacchio among 8 choices. I thought £2.9 for a small cup with one gelato was a bit overpriced, but it worth the price. Creamy vanilla made with rich vanilla beans is perfect sweetness and taste. Pistacchio tastes nice as well, without heaviness that cheaper version tends to have. Best gelato I’ve had in London so far.