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Sweet Thursday Pizzeria & Wine Shop @ South Gate Road, De Beauvoir Town


Mは大のピッツァ好き。見た目のいい(これも肝心)ピッツェリアを見ると、チェックしないではいられない。先日North Gate roadを愛車のベスパで走っていた時も「pizzeria & wine shop」の文字を見かけ、このSweet Thursday前で即座にブレーキ。数日後、味試しに店を訪れた。

入口にはワインショップがあり、奥がレトロモダン風インテリアのピッツェリアになっている。一番奥のグループ用の大テーブルは、中庭に面していて陽当たりもいい。オーナーはこのDe Beauvoir地区で生まれ育ったイギリス人で、イタリア人ではないが、オープンキッチンで働くスタッフは皆イタリア人。しかも、年季の入ってそうな中年のピッツァ職人がいて、期待が高まる。


ワインは飲んではいないが、メニューや店先に並ぶワインを見る限り、セレクションもなかなか良さそう。ハウスワインも、シチリア産オーガニックワインをリーズナブルな値段で出している(1リットル入りカラフェ: 白£16.50 / 赤£20)。またメニューになくても、店で売っているワインなら、少額のコルク代を払えば店内で飲める。ピッツェリアの客は、同日ならワインショップで売っているワインが10%割引の特典も。ワインテスティング等のイベントも開催しているので、ご興味のある方はどうぞ。

M is a big pizza fan. He has to take a look, every time he finds a good looking pizzeria. When we were driving through North Gate road, he immediately spotted this “pizzeria & wine shop” Sweet Thursday and stopped his vespa right away. After few days later, we visited Sweet Thursday to try their pizza.

Front is the wine shop and pizzeria space, decorated in funky retro-modern style,  on the back. There is a big table for a larger group, facing a nice & quiet small garden. Owners are not Italians but De Beauvoir natives, but the staffs seen in the open kitchen were all Italians, including an experienced-looking middle age pizzaiolo.

They serve Napoli style pizza for eat-in or takeaway, made using the ingredients from Naples with traditional pizza making techniques. You can either choose topping from their menu or create your own. We ordered classic margherita with extra anchovies topping, as we always do (we are very conservative about pizza). It was looking good, and tasted good – chewy dough with mozzarella melting nicely into sweet tomato sauces. It was nice, at least on the first visit. We went there for the second time, the master pizzaiola was nowhere to be seen. And pizza was not as good as the first one… I realize that pizza looks easy to make, but pizzaiolo’s skill is definitely needed for a great pizza. And the same for sushi, just an small addition. So please don’t believe that YO! sushi or Tesco’s sushi is authentic and as good as the counterparts in Japan! Anyway, we have to check if the pizzaiola is there next time we go.

As for wine, they seem to have good selection of wines, and even their house wines are organic from Sicily (1 litre carafe: £16.50 for white / £20 for red). Apart from their menu, you can also have any bottle at their wine shop with a small corkage fee. If you eat at the restaurant, you can have 10% off the price of wine in their shop that day. They also host wine tasting events as well, if you are interested.