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Longroom@St John’s Street, Smithfields


Longroomは、クリエイティブ産業が集まるクラーケンウェルに3月にオープンした、お洒落なパブ。ビールが売りだけれど、スミスフィールズ食肉市場に近いという立地から、「quality meat(良品質の肉)」も謳う。メニューはシンプルで、Gail’s bakeryのパンを使ったサンドイッチに、グリルチーズかhot salt beefの盛り合わせ、サラダ、サイドディッシュ、そしてデザート1種のみ。パブだからとあんまり期待していなかったけど、トーストしたサンドイッチ(Lincolnshire Poacher £7.50&Craft Beer rarebit £7)は意外に美味、味をしめて後日再来店、スープ半分サンドイッチ半分の「worker’s lunch」セット(£7.50)を注文。サンドイッチは期待通りの味だったが、スープが水っぽく具がほとんど入っていなかったのがマイナス点。そして女性ならともかく、男性なら2人前必要なのでは、と思うほど量が少ない。コーヒーも、近くのWorkshop Coffeeのコーヒー豆を使っていながら、バリスタかコーヒー豆、エスプレッソマシンの何が悪かったのか分からないが、とにかくお粗末な味。サクッとサンドイッチだけ食べて帰るか、パブとしてビールを飲みに行くのが無難。

Longroom is another good looking pub in Smithfields, opened in this March. Yes, this is a pub and their specialty is beers, but they claim that they also serve ‘quality meat’, as it is located just a stone away from the Smithfields meat market. Their food menu is rather short in compare to their drink menus, and basically what they have is several kinds of sandwiches with bread from Gail’s bakery and sharing boards of grilled cheese or hot salt beef, as well as few salads and sides and only one desert. Their toasted sandwiches (Lincolnshire Poacher £7.50 and Craft Beer rarebit £7) were surprisingly good. Another day we ordered their “worker’s lunch” (1/2 soup & 1/2 sandwich £7.50). Again the sandwiches were good, but their soups (onions and broccoli) were diluted and barely contained any piece of ingredients. The portion was small, not for ‘workers’ who definitely need to eat double of it. And the coffee from nearby Workshop Coffee were disappointedly bad. We were not sure what was bad, the barista, coffee beans, or espresso machine… Go for sandwich, or beers only.