Mask II by Ron Mueck @ British Museum




Today, we went to a cafe in the British Museum. The cafe in the Great Court, designed by architect Norman Foster and completed in December 2000, is very airy and relaxing. The museum opens till 8:30pm on Thursday and Friday, so we strolled around the museum after having an apple cake and cappuccino. We just saw few rooms, since it’s huge, and were overwhelmed by the vast collection from all over the world. Many of the artifacts might be brought back to UK as a trophy from their former colonies (?). The dispute with Greece about sculptures from the Pantheon is widely known, but one of the reason why the British Museum don’t agree to return is probably they are scared of the similar request from other countries. I believe that the artifacts should belong to where it came from, but at the same time I understand the meaning of the museum where we can see the great artifacts from all over the world in one place – it is a very difficult issue and need to be debated.

The British Museum exhibits not only old things but also modern arts as well. Currently  they host the exhibition Statuephilia, introducing the work of 5 contemporary sculptors. The picture above is ‘Mask II’ by Australian artist Ron Mueck – ultra realistic work that you can even see pores and tiny wrinkles.

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