M’s New Gola Sneakers

gola shopping bagnew Gola Pewter/Silver sneakers

MがCarnaby StreetにあGolaのショップで、新しいスニーカー(ちなみにイギリス英語では、スニーカーは、trainersと言う)を買った。光り物系のスニーカーにはまっているMはオニツカタイガーのシルバー、ゴールドの2足に続いて、またまた光り物のピューター/シルバーを購入。



M bought his new sneakers (trainers in British English) at Gola shop on Carnaby street. M is in love is shiny sneakers recently, and he chose pewter/silver, after two pairs of his Onitsuka Tiger‘s gold and silver sneakers.

Gola is a British sports brand, founded in 1905. The name Gola is thought to be an anagram of the word ‘Goal’. Gola sponsored Manchester United in 1970’s. The shopping bag with Gola logo with adjustable strap is cool and usefully big for many occasions.

M’s shoe size is 11-12 in UK size, and it is hard to find his size in UK, where you can find up to 11 in most of the stores, and it is almost impossible in Japan. He had been wearing size 12, but recently he found out that he can wear size 11 for leather sneakers since it would stretch after a while you are wearing. He is always upset that the shoes for person with giant feet tend to be ugly, for some strange reason, and now is extremely happy now that he can have more choice in design – so am I that I don’t have to listen to his complaint anymore.

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