Dishoom Bombay Café @ Covent Garden


ちょうど、ロンドンの多くのレストランが参加するイベント・London Restaurant Festival期間中(10月4日〜17日)だったので、前菜からデザートまで、お店のお薦め料理が少しずついただける特別メニュー(£12.50)を注文。生姜とミント、スパイスを加えたVirgin Bhang Lassi(ラッスィー)でスタート、スパイスしたラム肉の挽肉にハンバーガーのバンズのようなパンがついたKeema Pauキーマ・パウ)が前菜。メインは、ショウガとチリでマリネした焼いたChicken Tikka(チキンティッカ)、鶏肉を加えたライスのChicken Berry Biryani(ビリヤニ)、黒豆のDaal(ダール)、ヨーグルトにキュウリとミントを加えたRaita(ラーイター)、そしてNaan(ナン)。最後はチョコレートとピスタッチョの棒つきアイスのKulfiで締めくくり。こう書くと盛りだくさんだけれど、値段が値段だけに、一皿一皿の量は少なめ。ラッスィーは私にはちょっと甘過ぎ。一緒に出てきたパンはボロボロしてあんまりだけれど、キーマの味付けは良く、チキンティッカはジューシー、パリッと焼き上がったナンも、ふっくらして味もしっかりしているビリヤニも、なかなかいける。最後のアイスは、甘すぎなくて良かったんだけれど、食べる時にアイスが顔についてしまうので食べにくい。味はまあまあだったんだけれど、何せ満足感を得るには量が少ない。また全体的に、ブリックレーンあたりのインディアンに比べると値段も割高。まあ1回行ったから、もういいかな、という感じのお店。

The other day, we went to an Indian restaurant Dishoom, opened in this summer in Covent Garden. Dishoom is London’s first Bombay café, which opened early last century by Persian immigrants and boasted almost 400 cafés at their peak in the 1960s but fewer than 30 remain now in Mumbai. Dimly lit pendant lights hanging from the ceilings and dark wood furniture make the restaurant look more like a café in Paris, rather than Mumbai. The walls are covered with old family photos, adverts and posters, and kitsch medical packages sit neatly on shelves attached to the toilet walls.

Since we went there during the citywide celebration of eating out London Restaurant Festival (October 4-17) , we ordered the special menu (£12.5@) that you can sample different dishes. The menu started with Virgin Bhang Lassi with fresh ginger, mint and Bombay spice. After an appetizer Keema Pau, spice minced lamb served with hamburger-bun like bread (photo), Chicken Tikka marinated in ginger and chillies was served as well as Chicken Berry Biryani rice, Black DaalRaita and Naan. The course finished with Chocolate and Pistachio Kulfi ice cream. It may sound a great deal, but the portion was small – well, I understand, considering the price. Lassi was too sweet for me, but Keema was tasty, though the bread was not good, and Chicken Tikka was juicy, not dry. Crispy naan and nicely cooked Biryani were not bad at all. Kulfi was modestly sweet and good refreshment, though it was hard to eat as it touched my cheek every bite. Overall the food was not bad, but the portion was too small to satisfy our empty stomach (especially M’s). The prices in general are more expensive than some restaurants on Brick Lane. Maybe Dishoom is enough for me with one time experience.

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